Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1251

"With regard to inviting Ning Xi to be the spokesperson, we do have such plans on our end. I wonder how Ms. Su feels about this?" Ye Ying trod carefully.

When Zhao Meixin heard this, she sounded incredibly upset as she said, "Director Ye, I won't beat around the bush. I'm sure you know how it's like here at Glory World. Ning Xi as an artiste... She's not very sensible and keeps making our Yimo very unhappy.

"Our Yimo is quite considerate. She kept being patient with her, but now she has become a spokesperson for the Lu Corporation like Yimo and this nauseates Yimo right before her eyes. Do you think Yimo can ignore this?"

Ye Ying sighed silently, then she continued, "Ms. Zhao, I understand what you mean. I admit I've indeed been neglectful in my considerations. I'll get someone else to be the ambassador. Please have Ms. Su rest assured that in any future advertisements and endorsements for the Lu Corporation, Ning Xi won't be anywhere in sight. I hope Ms. Su won't mind."

After much struggling, Ye Ying decided to settle it this way.

Other people might not know about it, but as the marketing and public relations director of the Lu Corporation, she was clearest about how the Big Boss himself had once instructed them to satisfy all of Su Yimo's requests!

Besides, previously, Su Yimo frequently came in and out of the company. She was even close with the little master!

So, even though this time the lioness, Zhao Meixin, had asked for double in endorsement fees, she had agreed without hesitation; what more on the issue of changing spokesperson...

Although, sadly, she had really spent a lot of thought and effort in planning the advertisement strategy. If she could get a unique character such as Ning Xi, it would definitely be a great finishing touch to her idea with double the effect, but now she could only resort to looking for another candidate...

As Ye Ying was lamenting about this to herself, Zhao Meixin added on, "Since you need to look for another person, how about I recommend someone to you? Our Liang Biqin also has experience in being in amale outfit and she's quite good! Director Ye, what do you think?"

When Ye Ying heard this, she almost puked blood!

To let Liang Biqin replace Ning Xi? How dare she actually make such a request?

Currently, Liang Biqin had already been lambasted through and through by the viewers when compared to Ning Xi. If they hired such a person for the advertisement, all of her hard work would go to waste!

"What's wrong, Director Ye? Is there a problem?" Zhao Meixin's steady tone was pressuring and threatening with arrogance.

After all, Yimo could really be the future lady boss. Even if she did not, she was still someone that the Big Boss personally protected. Thus, despite her reluctance, Ye Ying had to compromise.

"O-of course, there isn't a problem!" At last, Ye Ying had to reply through gritted teeth.

On the other side, after Su Yimo and Liang Biqin were done with their activities, Zhao Meixin informed them of the outcome of her phone conversation.

"Yimo, it's done. I've told them your thoughts and Director Ye immediately said that they definitely won't invite Ning Xi to be a spokesperson. Not only that, all of thefuture related endorsements and activities of the Lu Corporation won't have Ning Xi anywhere near it!"

"Mmm." Su Yimo nodded satisfaction.

"Okay, there's also good news. I've also helped Biqin get the endorsement instead," Zhao Meixin beamed as she announced.

Liang Biqin was overjoyed when she heard this. "What? Sis Xin! You're saying Ning Xi's spokesperson spot is now mine?"


"Ah! Sis Xin! Thank you! And Cousin Sister! I'm so lucky to follow after Cousin Sister!" Liang Biqin exclaimed emotionally.

Su Yimo looked calmly at her cousin's excited demeanor and said, "Happy now? I won't have to hear you whining in my ear anymore!"

"Happy, definitely happy! Cousin, you're amazing! That Ning Xi is nothing to you..."

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