Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1253

At this moment, Ning Xi's phone rang.

Coincidentally, it was Guo Qisheng.

Ning Xi quickly picked up. "Hello, Director Guo! I was just discussing the script you sent over with Sis Zhizhi, and then you called!"

"Hey, Ning Xi, I was going to tell you something about it too. Um...did you...," Guo Qisheng sounded hesitant, wavering momentarily before asking, "Ning Xi, did you offend anyone recently?"

When she heard this, Ning Xi was stunned. "No, why would you ask that?"

Guo Qisheng sighed, "I've just met a few investors, and a few of them seemed worried that I'll be casting you. They said that the Lu Corporation has put out an order to shut you out, so they're worried that casting you would bring trouble..."

"Cough, cough!" Ning Xi almost choked on her own saliva. "Director Guo, what are you saying? Who's put out an order to shut me out? The Lu Corporation?"

When she heard Ning Xi's words, Ling Zhizhi's expression changed.

Guo Qisheng continued from the other end of the phone, "I don't know how this news got out either. Whatever it is, the rumors are bad for you and will cause quite an uproar... Even if they're just rumors, it's enough to make many potential opportunities turn away in fear."

"Thank you for your tip, Director Guo, I'll check on this issue."

"But don't you worry about my side. I've created the role perfectly for you, so it will definitely wait for you," guaranteed Guo Qisheng.

Ning Xi thanked him again and updated Ling Zhizhi.

Ling Zhizhi looked worried. "I'm afraid it's not entirely baseless claims. Su Yimo's side is probably on the move..."

Ling Zhizhi was always very calm, yet she looked concerned now. "Ning Xi, I've told you before right from the start that we cannot offend the support Su Yimo has. If this was really released from the Lu Corporation...well, we don't have much ground to counterattack. You know that before such a strong force, tactics are no use."

Ning Xi did not know how to console Ling Zhizhi. She could not just tell her that her dearest would never shut her out.

Thus, she could only say, "Sis Zhizhi, don't worry. Maybe it's not as bad as we think!"

"Sis Zhizhi, Bro Xi, time for the meeting!" At this moment, Xiao Tao knocked on the door to remind them.

Because it was going to be Glory World Entertainment's anniversary celebration soon, the company had especially gathered all the management and influential signed artistes for a huge meeting.

The crowd had to wait for half a day before Su Yimo, Liang Biqin, and Zhao Meixin made their way in late. However, almost everyone treated it as a regular occurrence. Obviously, they were used to Su Yimo's ways.

"Yimo, why do you work so late? Take care!" The Vice President did not reprimand her for tardiness at all, instead, voicing out his friendly concern.

"Okay, since everyone is here, let the meeting begin! Because the CEO is back at the main office and he's very busy lately, I will be chairing this meeting..."

At the meeting, Yi Xudong especially commended many of the artistes with outstanding contributions. All sorts of flowery praises for Su Yimo was a given.

As for this year's most outstanding underdog, Ning Xi, Yi Xudong did not bother to mention her at all; she was basically ignored completely.

After he finished his lengthy prologue, Yi Xudong said emotionally, "Today, I've called everyone to also inform you about a very important matter! For the company's anniversary celebration this year, our CEO, Lu Tingxiao, will also be attending the event, so everyone must perform well!"

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