Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1254

At the Lu Corporation,Lu Jingli was working hard in his office when someone knocked on his door.

"Come in."

"Second Master..." It was theCreative Director of the Advertising Department, Ye Ying.

Lu Jingli stretched himself and looked at her, "Yo, little leafy [1], what's up?"

As she looked at Lu Jingli's wide smile that seeped into his eyes and with him intimately addressing her, even if Ye Ying had been in this role for a long time, she could not help but blush and lightly say, "Second Master, there's something I need your directions on. Su Yimo's endorsement contract with our Lu Corporation is up. Currently, we're discussing renewing it, but Zhao Meixin has increased the renewal fee by double..."

Lu Jingli just indifferently asked, "Just this?"

Ye Ying quickly continued, "Don't worry, Second Master. I've already agreed on that and didn't want to disturb you with such small matters at first, but there's still one more thing... Our company has a very important endorsement ad this year, I was going to invite seven super popular male stars. For the seventh person, I was prepared to invite Ning Xi, the female artiste who's been very popular recently, to let her be the spokesperson with the other six in a male outfit; that way, we would achieve both creativity and ignite talkability..."

Lu Jingli's eyes lit up when he heard this. He sipped on his coffee and said, "It sure is a good idea."'

When she heard Lu Jingli's praise, Ye Ying was both proud yet disappointed. "But Su Yimo's party has also taken interest in this advert and recommended Liang Biqin to replace Ning Xi. If it's just about status, then Liang Biqin is fine actually, but if it's about her image in a male outfit, I'm afraid Liang Biqin's imagewon't cut it and would negatively impact the effect of the ad, and even pull down our company's image."

Ye Ying kept thinking about it. Finally, she still decided that she could not bear to watch this advertisement be ruined like that. Even if she knew Lu Jingli would probably agree to Su Yimo's request, she was skeptical and had gone to him for further direction.

"Ms. Su seems to dislike Ning Xi very much, so to avoid Ms. Su's unhappiness, I've agreed that all the endorsements and activities under the Lu Corporation will exclude Ning Xi..."

"Pfft!" When he heard this, Lu Jingli spit out his coffee.

Ye Ying was shocked. "Second Master, is there a problem?"

Lu Jingli took a while to gather himself. Just as he wanted to quickly blurt something out, he suddenly had a thought and remained silent.

Lu Jingli stroked his chin. Obviously, he could help Xiao Xi Xi right now...but it was such a good opportunity for the hero to save the belle, so of course, he should let his brother do it!

Besides, whoever started the trouble should end it, and only his brother could...

Su Yimo had somehow accidentally saved Little Treasure's life back then, but it was just a gimmick to make her popular. This was nothing. As long as she did not ruin herself, merely having that luck from accidentally saving Little Treasure once was enough for her to have a comfortable lifetime.

Back then, his brother had put out a word and did not care about this matter. He had probably long forgotten about her, what more pay attention to this nobody who had been rubbing off on his popularity.

This time, unfortunately for her, that woman had definitely succeeded in getting his brother's attention...

"Little leafy, do you know that you just saved your own life?" Lu Jingli looked at Ye Ying intently and said.

"Ah? Second Master, what do you mean?" Ye Ying was confused.

Lu Jingli sighed, then he kindly said, "Director Ye, don't sign Su Yimo's contract renewal and the ad terms for now."

"Wh-what? Why?" Ye Ying did not understand.

Lu Jingli smirked. "You'll know when the time comes."

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