Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1257

"My God! What's the brand of her outfit? How have I never seen it before? This design is practically the work of the gods!" Many started to ask.

"I know! That's one of Spirit's store highlight pieces. It's called 'Beings'. It's famous! When it was first released, many socialities and celebrities wanted to buy it, but Spirit didn't relent even with the sky-high prices offered. It's very difficult to even rent it for a day. Most importantly, not everyone can carry the dress well. It's better to be bought for your own personal collection since almost no one dares to wear it..."

"Who would have thought that Ning Xi would look so perfect in it!? In that outfit, she really makes me feel like a 'being' under her feet, completely tamed by her!"

"Oh, my Lord! Our Bro Xi's female outfit is simply beautiful! Leaving Su Yimo far, far behind! No wonder Su Yimo is so wary of our Bro Xi!" One of the junior reporters was Ning Xi's fan, so he spoke out indignantly.

"Softer! Don't let Su Yimo hear you..."


After the photographers saw Ning Xi, almost all of them had a spark of inspiration and passion at the same time as they raised their cameras.

Some did not dare to outrightly shoot her, so they did it discretely.

Unfortunately, because of Su Yimo's "ban", even if these pictures were taken, they probably would not have the chance to be published.

Apart from the photographers, the reporters also had their breaths taken away by Ning Xi, but at this moment, no one dared to walk up to her for an interview.

Despite the media's apparent neglect, Ning Xi walked in at ease akin to a queen who was walking towards her own garden.

She slowly floated over the red carpet regally, paused at the autograph wall and signed her name.

Every one of her move made it hard for one to look away.

Earlier, when they had seen Su Yimo, they thought that she was stunning, yet now before Ning Xi, Su Yimo was nothing!

Ning Xi was clearly a rookie who had just entered the circle. She had even been attacked after she rose to stardom with great difficulty, should she not feel entirely set back instead?

How could her presence still remain so strong?

This woman was practically born for the entertainment industry, but sadly, she had to go against Su Yimo. This was suicide!

There were too many artistes in the circle who appeared momentarily and then vanished. After today, it might also be her last public appearance.

Such a potential seedling might need to end its journey just like that, while she could only watch helplessly. This feeling was akin to knife being twisted cruelly in her heart.

After Ning Xi's brief interlude,twist focus of the celebration returned to Su Yimo.

Compared to Su Yimo being surrounded by many, Ning Xi could only sit in her arranged corner that was far behind.

All the guests slowly arrived. It was a big drinking party and everyone looked splendid. The night was becoming increasingly lively...

"Ms. Su, you're truly gorgeous today!"

"Yes, yes! Someone's really lucky..."

Some of the investors and the CEOs of Glory World Entertainment's partner companies were extremely friendly to Su Yimo. One of them smiled and gave her a toast. "Ms. Su, we're old friends too. Don't forget to say a few kind words for me to CEO Lu!"

Her boosted ego from being surrounded by so many admirers instantly made Su Yimo's short unhappiness from Ning Xi's appearance earlier fade. She kindly conversed with the CEOs with some arrogance in her attitude. She was now representing Lu Tingxiao, so she could not let others take her lightly.

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