Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1258

"Ah ah ah!"

"Second Master! Second Master!"

"CEO Lu!"

Accompanied by the sound of emotional shrieks from the girls, Lu Jingli stepped foot in the venue.

Lu Jingli wore an extremely flashy pink tuxedo, making him look even more flirtatious and unruly, causing all the girls to scream non-stop.

In the corner, Ning Xi looked at Lu Jingli's neon-colored outfit and felt her mouth twitch, but she could not deny that this punk quite suited this color.

Su Yimo thought Lu Tingxiao had come, so she could not help but feel slightly disappointed when she saw that it was Lu Jingli.

Liang Biqin teased her from the side, "Cousin is already peering with eager expectations..."

Su Yimo blushed as she shot back, "Nonsense!"

When he saw that Lu Jingli had arrived, the Vice President, Yi Xudong, quickly went up to greet him and then looked nervously behind him, "CEO, you're here! What about CEO Lu?"

He had worked so hard for this. If CEO Lu decided not to come...

"He just got off the plane and is on the way," said Lu Jingli with an indistinct smile towards Yi Xudong, "Don't worry, my brother will definitely come tonight."

Yi Xudong felt like Lu Jingli's tone was somewhat odd, but he did not think further about it. He sighed in relief. Great if he was really coming!

After he was done with Yi Xudong, Lu Jingli walked to the stage, then raised his hand to signal everyone to quiet down.

Instantly, everyone kept silent and looked to Lu Jingli on stage.

Lu Jingli picked up the mic, and with his seductive eyes, he drawled unhurriedly, "Today is Glory World Entertainment's fifth anniversary. I thank you all for being here, and as everyone knows, my brother will be here today as well. Apart from that, I've also got a huge reward for all of our ladies!"

When they heard this, a wave of curious conversations began.

"Ah! A reward?!"

"Second Master, what reward?"

"Second Master, quickly tell us! Don't tease now!"


Lu Jingli was calm and collected as he glanced towards a certain corner before he continued, "Well, in the past, our openingcelebratory dance would be begun by yours truly, but for this year, CEO Lu will do the honors!"


The moment he said that, his voice was drowned out by sounds of excited yells.

Lu Jingli pretended to look sad, "Sigh, turns out everyone dislikes me this much!"

"No way! We like you the most!"

When the girls saw Lu Jingli's disappointed expression, that stirred them up again.

After he was done basking in praises, Lu Jingli continued, "As for my brother's dance partner, I'm going to shake things up tonight! I'm sure that everyone has received the numbers given out by the waiters when you entered tonight! Please keep this number carefully, everyone. Later on, my brother will be randomly picking one of the ladies presentto begin the dance with!"

"What if CEO Lu picks a man?"

"Don't worry, there're only ladies' numbers in the box."

All the girls were really excited to hear this.

"Oh my, does that mean even I would have a chance to dance with CEO Lu?"

"In your dreams! Don't even talk about your luck being that good. Do you really think that it will be so random?"

"You're right. It's probably just going to be Su Yimo! We're just here to complement their fun. Ah, forget it..."


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