Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1259

Because of the huge announcement Lu Jingli had just made, the entire event seemed even livelier.

Even though everyone knew that CEO Lu's dance partner was most probably going to be Su Yimo, the ladies still could not help but cling on to a glimmer of hope. What if they were really randomly picked?

In a certain corner, Jiang Muye's manager, Lei Ming, was anxiously making a call. "My prince, the CEO is here and CEO Lu is on the way too. Why aren't you here yet?"

From the other end came Jiang Muye's annoying voice. "Who said I was coming?"

Lei Ming was so fed up with him. "Today is such a huge occasion and you're not coming? What are you doing then? Did some emergency happen?"

Jiang Muye replied, "I'm playing video games."

"...Muye, I'll beg you then! Even if you just show your face and then leave, it's fine! It'll just take up one hour of game time!"

"I already said I'm not going," said Jiang Muye, annoyed as he hung up.

Hmm, no way I'm going. I'll definitely be attacked by PDA...


Offstage, after Lu Jingli finished speaking, Liang Biqin looked starry-eyed as she held Su Yimo's arm excitedly. "Cousin, I didn't know CEO Lu was this romantic!"

Zhao Meixin looked delighted as well, her gaze towards Ling Zhizhi full of mockery.

As long as Su Yimo was here, she would be Glory World Entertainment's number one manager forever. It was useless even if Ling Zhizhi discovered great new talents!

Su Yimo looked longingly at the door as she muttered, "It's just a random pick. Who knows who'll get picked?!"

Zhao Meixin smiled, "Yimo, CEO Lu had prepared everyting tonight especially for you, how could it be anyone else if not you.

Su Yimo checked her makeup nervously. "Sis Xin, do I look okay? Do I look fine?"

"All's fine! You're so beautiful! CEO Lu would definitely fall for you! CEO Lu has done so much for you, this friendship is remarkable!"


The celebration event continued ardently.

However, everyone's attention was obviously distracted to focus on the person who was about to arrive.

Time passed slowly. Lu Tingxiao still had not appeared, causing many people to whisper.

"Why hasn't he come!? Could it be that he's not coming anymore?"

"CEO Lu is quite busy after all. I heard that he's just flown in from work overseas. He's rushing over right after landing."

"Does CEO Lu really value tonight's celebration so much?"

"He probably values a certain person..."


As they waited worriedly, the Vice President Yi Xudong received a phone call. "What? He's here? Good, good! Got it!"

Yi Xudong hung up with a wide smile on his face, then he ran to the door. Glory World Entertainment's shareholders and management team followed after.

Outside the entrance, a low-profile black Maybach stopped quietly.

With Yi Xudong as the lead, the management stood in two organized lines and waited outside the car.

The driver got out of the car to pull open the door as a pair of long legs stepped out.

The man wore a neat black formal outfit. Without any expression on him, he exuded the prestige of a leader. He was very handsome as if he was God's most meticulously sculpted work, but his presence overpowered his looks.

Yi Xudong walked up to greet him humbly, "CEO...CEO Lu! You're here! Come in!"

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