Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1260

"Ah! He's here!"

"CEO Lu is here!"

"He's real! It really is CEO Lu!"

"Oh my God, he looks so handsome. I'm falling for him!"

"The woman who CEO Lu loves must've saved the world in her previous life!"

Amidst a bunch of girls' screams, Lu Tingxiao appeared.

As the man slowly walked along the aisle, the spotlight shadowed him closely. Su Yimo's heart raced rapidly and she felt herself heating up.

Liang Biqin reminded her, "CEO Lu is here! Cousin, what are you doing? Go!"

Zhao Meixin gave her some encouragement as well, "Go, Yimo."

Suddenly, every woman looked at Su Yimo with intense jealousy.

Su Yimo imagined herself walking towards him and the man holding her hands

Finally, she took a deep breath. With her elegant steps and under everyone's watchful eyes, she walked step by step towards the man

Lu Tingxiao was walking on the same line as her. As he was blocked by her, he stopped and looked at the woman in front of her.

Aside from Lu Jingli, everyone else was grinning. "CEO Lu, you've made Ms. Su wait for you for a long time"

Su Yimo seemed as bashful as a little girl. She looked up nervously and saw the god-like man. She quietly called out his name, "Tingxiao"

She had called this name countless times in her dreams. Now, she could finally say it in real life this time.

However, Lu Tingxiao's expression turned colder as he looked at the woman like she was an insignificant ant. "Who are you?"

At that moment

There was dead silence.

No artiste, investor, or media partner expected Lu Tingxiao to react this way.

This was...way different from what they had imagined.

Su Yimo was still fantasizing about him holding her hands, but the moment she received that three-word reply, she stood there frozen

What...what was happening!?

Could Tingxiao not want to let the public know about it? Why did he come here personally today then?

Lu Jingli stood aside and touched his nose. He was impressed by his brother's ruthless public murder of a girl's heart.

Before anyone could follow what was happening, Lu Tingxiao walked pass her expressionlessly.

After Lu Tingxiao signed his name on the wall, the media partners returned to their senses and surrounded Lu Tingxiao swiftly.

The journalist from First Entertainment News went first. "CEO Lu, did you just say that you don't know Ms. Su?"

"Should I know her?"

A journalist from One Weekly Magazine asked, "Uh...don't you know about the rumors between you and Ms. Su?"


The journalist from South News Daily responded, "It is said that you loved Ms. Su for many years, and have been supporting her behind her back!"

The journalist from First Entertainment News questioned, "Aren't you planning to make your relationship with her public during this event?"

The journalist from The Sun Daily added on, "Rumors say that Ms. Su is your girlfriend!"

Facing the barrage of questions from a bunch of journalists all at once, Lu Tingxiao stared intently atevery one of them. "Do I look like I have such bad taste?"

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