Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1261

"Do I look like I have such bad taste?"

When Lu Jingli heard his brother say those words, he felt the pain even though his brother was not talking about him. Imagine what Su Yimo felt

The way his brother treated any woman aside from Xiao Xi Xi was incredibly cruel

Su Yimo stood there dumbfounded. She was in deep shock while Liang Biqin and Zhao Meixin were extremely confused as well. Of course, the managementin Lu Tingxiao's company had interesting expressions on their faces as well.

There was a long silence, then discussions sparked in every corner of the venue.

In Glory World Entertainment, the oppressed staffs and artistes were unleashing their fury right now, unable to hold it in anymore.

"Wow! This...is the best drama of the year!"

"Our boss doesn't know Su Yimo at all. He doesn't know who she is!"

"Moreover, didn't you hear, Boss? He wouldn't even consider her!"

"Can I just say that our Boss is the coolest? Did you see Su Yimo's expression when her fantasy shattered? It was just her own fantasy all along! I knew our Boss wouldn't have such bad taste! He avoided women for so many years, and he wouldn't go for someone like Su Yimo!"

"But...I wonder what kind of girl could steal our Boss' heart!"

"Huh, I've already felt something was not right before. As expected, Su Yimo must've gotten delusional. She imagined the plot of a romance movie happening to her, but he doesn't even know who she is!"

"Of course, someone like our Boss wouldn't know about her! She's just a little famous in the industry. Does she think she's really a goddess?"

Although both of them were first-class renowned celebrities, Su Yimo was still classified way behind the retired international star Leng Manyun. Everyone was dissatisfied to be placed someone as revolting as Su Yimo as she would use her so-called "supporter", who was Lu Tingxiao, anytime and anywhere. A lot of artistes were just glad to see that her "supporter" was non-existent anymore.

As for the media partners, they were all here for the big news tonight and juicy news indeed they got!

With just a few words from Lu Tingxiao, the guests and media partners almost went crazy. Even Lu Jingli almost went mad as well.

Bro, I asked you come here to support me, alright?

Yet, the moment he arrived, he had taken revenge for his wife!

"Hey, she's an artiste from Glory World. Give me some face please!" Lu Jingli went up to him.

Although it just seemed like a casual conversation, it was meant to further clarify the relationship between Su Yimo and Lu Tingxiao, hinting that Su Yimo's advancement in career was just because of Lu Jingli's influence since Glory World Entertainment was his first company. On the other hand, Su Yimo had mistakenly thought that Lu Tingxiao had fallen in love with her. What a joke!

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