Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1262

In the corner, Xiao Tao was brimming with excitement. She almost wanted to kneel before her boss.

"Ah...Bro Xi! Did you hear that!? Our Big Boss is really cool! Su Yimo must be so embarrassed this time! I'll see how she use her title as the 'lady boss of the Lu Corporation' in the future!"

Ling Zhizhi did not expect this to happen as well. It was like a wild rollercoaster ride.

So, this was all a misunderstanding! Lu Tingxiao did not know Su Yimo at all!

The Lu Corporation's leniency towards Su Yimo was simply just because she was from Glory World Entertainment?

But there were so many potential artistes previously, so why did they pick Su Yimo who was not known at that time, and provided her with so much?

"I think Su Yimo was just lucky. The company decided to support one artiste and that's it, yet she thought Lu Tingxiao was in love with her! Nonsense! I saw the Boss's expression. He did not look very happy just now. Su Yimo's going to get into trouble this time" Xiao Tao mumbled.

Ning Xi just sat there quietly without saying a word.Xiao Tao asked her curiously, "Bro Xi, I realized that you're pretty calm about this. You don't even feel anything about everyone avoiding you. Could you have predicted the future and known about this already?"

Ning Xi looked at her man who was surrounded by journalists and laughed, "Because I believe our Boss wouldn't have such bad taste!"

"Ugh" Xiao Tao had no rebuttal for this reason.

Xiao Tao saw Ning Xi was really focused when she looked at the Boss. In fact, she was so focused that there was a certain sweetness in her gaze

Xiao Tao shook her head and cleared her thoughts. The Boss looked so handsome. Of course, any girl would have this expression.

"Boss has no relationship with Su Yimo at all, so about the deal that Second Master mentioned, do we stand a chance now?" One of the female artiste piped up happily.

"Ahh! I'm so excited!"

"I want to dance with the Boss!"

"God, please bless me. Make him pick me!"

At this moment, Su Yimo still stood frozen at the same spot. Zhao Meixin and Liang Biqin had to drag her to a corner.

Looking at the man who was far out of reach and the sneers around her, Su Yimo felt like the sky was falling.

"This isn't real... This isn't real... He loves me... He loves me so much" Su Yimo's mind was not sound at the moment, and she kept mumbling to herself.

She had been creating this love fantasy for too long, totally deceiving herself

Actually, she felt that things did not make sense from the start. That small seed of suspicion and greed grew bigger and bigger. In addition to the advantages she had gained from the rumors she had with Lu Tingxiao, she became deeply addicted to it.

She wanted to complete her perfect dream. Just as she was enjoying herself with the advantages she had gained from everyone, she also deceived herself. She had genuinely believed thatthis man truly loved her

Until today, the dream was destroyed, forcefully crushed in front of everyone...

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