Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1263

She really regretted it...

Why had she not been more careful? If she had, if she was just a little more rational, if she had not been so greedy, she could have continued to enjoy the halo of being "Lu Tingxiao's woman" and remained on her seat on the throne of the "future lady boss of the Lu Corporation".

But tonight, it was all over...

Zhao Meixin also regretted it thoroughly at this point. She thought that with Su Yimo's grace, Lu Tingxiao would not have embarrassed her publicly even if he was not actually interested in her. Yimo was still the nation's goddess after all. As long as his attitude had been slightly more ambiguous, they could still continue to go with the flow and cook up this rumor. Had they not been doing this all along since Lu Tingxiao was not the kind to pay attention to entertainment gossip and would not intentionally clarify anything?

Unfortunately, she would not have thought that Lu Tingxiao would be so cruel and leave no room for them. His single sentence of "Who are you?" was enough to crush everything they had planned for. Even his last reply to the reporters was enough to cast them eternal damnation...

The scariest thing was that CEO Lu looked like he was furious!

Zhao Meixin would never know what had gone wrong and how tonight had escalated to such a stage.

"Okay, to all friends of the media, just as my brother said, everything you said is a misunderstanding! I hope that everyone will stop believing such rumors in the future. After all, my brother is now taken. He's also very happy and in love with his girlfriend. If it caused my sister-in-law to misunderstand, hehe, I'm afraid he'd need to kneel on the washboard!" Lu Jingli teased.

Lu Jingli's joke had caused a huge wave of sensation across the room!

The media would never have thought that shocking news would come one after another!

Hundreds of mics were hurled out by the reporters to Lu Jingli.

"Wh-what!? Second Master, are you trying to say that CEO Lu already has a girlfriend?"

"I wonder which lady is CEO Lu's girlfriend? Or is it someone in the entertainment circle?"

"Second Master, is what you're saying true?"

"Second Master, could you reveal a little bit more?!"

"Second Master..."


Lu Jingli chuckled, "I'm not allowed to reveal too much about my future sister-in-law's identity, but I can tell you that they've been dating for almost a year and their relationship is very stable. I've been stuffed by all their display of affection!"

The media could never hope to get ahold of the woman's identity, so they could only attack from other aspects, and the mics all turned to Lu Tingxiao.

"CEO Lu, is Second Master telling the truth?"

"When are you planning to get married to your girlfriend?"

"CEO Lu has such good taste. I'm sure your girlfriend is very beautiful too!"


After Lu Tingxiao took revenge for the wife, he did not plan to speak again, but he was in a good mood at this moment and answered the reporters curtly, "It's true. Up to her. Beautiful."

The crowd was speechless.

Uhh, his answers were really concise!

As for the first question, it turns out that Lu Jingli was telling the truth! The rumors from before were true. Lu Tingxiao already had a girlfriend. However, that person was not Su Yimo who had been using his name to show off and swindle! No wonder CEO Lu had clarified it in public for the first time. He was afraid that the one back home would misunderstand and be jealous!

In regard to the second question about when to get married, CEO Lu actually said he would go with the girl's thoughts. This tone sounded like he had been entirely locked down by the woman.

As for the last question...beautiful! Oh, this loving yet proud tone!

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