Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1266

It was already proven that the box was completely unrigged, but Lu Jingli had a pair of magic hands. No matter what number his brother picked, he could swap it with Xiao Xi Xi's number without anyone seeing...

He was much better than Yi Xudong!

This was not the first time Lu Jingli was doing this, so Lu Tingxiao knew about it as well.

As Lu Jingli was about to demonstrate his skills, his brother had actually picked Ning Xi's number on his own!

Bro, what luck!

Even the heavens are helping you. That's totally unfair!

Lu Jingli had invisible tears on his face as he looked at the number on the small piece of paper. "The number your dear boss picked is...number 166! Please welcome our lucky lady tonight!"

The camera shifted through the crowd and looked for number 166

Ling Zhizhi was dumbfounded. It was Ning Xi!

Xiao Tao was hopping happily. "Ah! Bro Xi! It's you!"

She was really lucky tonight. Not only could she witness Su Yimo's embarrassing moment, she had also won the lucky draw of the night.

Ning Xi raised her eyebrows, but she soon noticed that it must be a trick of Lu Jingli's.

The camera closed in on Ning Xi and the number 166 in her hand. The crowd was surprised.

"Wow! It's Ning Xi!"

"Although I'm not selected, somehow I feel glad that Ning Xi was selected!"

"Hahaha...of course! Su Yimo was trying to bully her before!"

"I think Ning Xi being the lucky girl is pretty nice. Lady Su's expression must be so fascinating!"

"But...I wonder if the Boss is happy this time. Maybe he might want to change?"

"Oh, my! It's Ning Xi! As expected of the girl I recruited personally, just my luck! Come here quickly!"

After Lu Jingli's invitation, Ning Xi adjusted her dress a little and went up the stage.

Su Yimo stared at Ning Xi, she clenched her fists so tightly that her fingernails left on her palms. "How could it be Ning Xi!?"

"It must be rigged! It's impossible for it to be Ning Xi!" Liang Biqin was really bitter. "CEO Lu would never agree to dance with that witch! I bet not...since he doesn't even"

Liang Biqin almost wanted to say "he doesn't even like you".

Under everyone's gaze, Lu Tingxiao suddenly moved.He adjusted his collar a little and walked down the stage towards Ning Xi.

Finally, they stood in front of each other, just two steps away.

Lu Tingxiao took a gentlemanly bow and extended his hand towards her.

Ning Xi looked at the cold-looking man in front of her. She was mesmerized for a while, then she gently placed her hands on the man's wide palm.

The music started playing and Lu Tingxiao led the girl to the dance floor. He put his hand around her waist, then started moving along with the music

Lu Jingli remained silent. He had prepared a long, exciting speech to heat up the atmosphere.

How could you two start dancing right away?

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