Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1267

Ning Xi thought there would be a lot of interacting events with the crowd, but she did not expect Lu Tingxiao to drag her to the dance floor right away.

"Umm...your brother looks like he has something else to say" Ning Xi glanced at the appalled Lu Jingli.

"Ignore him."


Under the large crystal ball, the man in the black suit was a fitting pair with the woman in the retro Oriental black dress as if they were a couple. Surprisingly, Ning Xi seemed unfazed in front of such a charismatic person like Lu Tingxiao

As the saying went, the enemy of an enemy is a friend. A few female artistes whispered among each other. Although they were really envious, they did not really hold any ill intentions against Ning Xi

"To be honest, from her outlook alone, I have no opinions about Ning Xi!"

"What an orchestra of beauty!"

"I'm so envious! I want to dance with the Boss too! Why aren't I as lucky as Ning Xi!"

One of the female artistes seemed like a fan of Ning Xi's. "Bro Xi wasn't really that lucky. She was ostracized by Su Yimo's gang and could only take on small-budget projects. Now that she's become famous, everyone avoided her just because of a few words. I think she deserved it. If not, I'll be questioning my life if Su Yimo could get her way!"

"Su Yimo won't be controlling us anymore!" Someone said.

Some people looked suspicious. "Even if the Boss didn't know anything about Su Yimo, Lu Jingli should know how arrogant Su Yimo was acting. I don't get why he was so lenient with her"

"Maybe he's been unhappy about it for some time. If not, why did he recruit Ning Xi over to suppress her?!"

"Now, that's interesting. Since Su Yimo lost her title as the "Lady Boss of the Lu Corporation", can she beat Ning Xi?"

A slightly more experienced female artiste analyzed, "Even if we factor out Lu Tingxiao, Su Yimo has a solid foundation in the industry, so it's not easy for Ning Xi to replace her! But she's still young and has a lot of potential. Now that Lu Tingxiao has helped her out personally...we wouldn't know what could happen in the future!"

The rumors between Su Yimo and Lu Tingxiao had been cleared. After Lu Tingxiao danced with Ning Xi, it meant that people no longer had to avoid Ning Xi anymore!

All the photographers aimed their camera on Ning Xi. The people who had taken photos of Ning Xi just now were glad that they did. Those who were afraid of Su Yimo and had not taken any photos earlier started regretting it, so they seized the chance and took more shots now

At midnight, at Platinum Palace, no.6.

The chat group was chiming non-stop. Jiang Muye ignored all of it as he knew they must be discussing the anniversary tonight.

The screen flashed with a big "GAME OVER". Jiang Muye threw away his controller angrily, then he lay down on the floor mat behind him.

Notifications still kept popping up on his phone annoyingly.

Finally, Jiang Muye opened the chat group. The latest message was a video, and Jiang Muye tapped on it.

In the video, right in the center of the dance floor, under the mesmerizing lighting, Ning Xi was waltzing with Lu Tingxiao. It looked just like they were in a movie

Jiang Muye was miffed. He tossed his phone away and he slapped his hand hard. "Bad hand! Bad hand!"

He had already avoided the celebration this much, yet it was all futile

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