Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1268

After they finished the dance, Lu Tingxiao made a short speech then passed the floor back to Lu Jingli and Yi Xudong.

"...a notable mention from last month, 'Dream Chaser' became a big hit. Ning Xi is the real unexpected winner of the industry this time" When he was making the concluding speech, his cold and ignorant attitude towards Ning Xi was nowhere to be seen. He even specially mentioned her achievements in "Dream Chaser" and gave her a lot of encouragement as if he had become a totally different person.

If possible, of course, he wanted Glory World to produce more high-quality artistes.

Glory World Entertainment was fairly new, but they had caught up very quickly. Their overall level of artisteswas very high, and they had a lot of amazing new recruits as well. Their sales numbers had been leading the charts compared to other companies, and they even surpassed the top company in the industry, Starlight Entertainment, but...they lacked charismatic and influential top artistes.

Starlight Media was the oldest in the industry. They had the classic and well-known Song Qiumin, Ding Shan, and Liu Yan. Although most of them were not active in the industry anymore, they helped to build the foundation of Starlight. Even the newer generation artistes like Ning Xueluo, Li Yueling, and Fan Luo were doing pretty well too

Speedy Multimedia produced the dozen award winner, Song Lin, and had several best actors and actresses of the year award holders. Even the newly started Sunset Multimedia had a young best actress of the year achiever, Meng Shiyi

Ever since Leng Manyun left Glory World Entertainment, they had a lot of new artistes, but none of them were influential enough to represent the company on their own. There were several instances when some of them received foreign awards before, but they were all best female supporting characters

As for Ning Xi, Yi Xudong did not expect much from her. Because she was too pretty, it would be very difficult for her to get awards. None of the prominent award holders were chosen because of their looks. Having a slightly normal face would actually increase the chance of getting recognition, so the beautiful female artistes would need to make themselves look uglier on purpose to stand a chance. That was the unsaid rule within the community...

Take Su Yimo for example. She would never take on any jobs that would tamper with her image. After she had reached where she was at the moment, she would not really advance any further. The reason anyone was interested in Su Yimo was because of Lu Tingxiao


At midnight, after the anniversary celebrations, Lu Tingxiao and Ning Xi went back to the Platinum Palace one after another.

The moment Ning Xi reached home, she was welcomed with a passionate warm hug.

"Is Little Treasure asleep?"


"You completed everything you had to?" Ning Xi looked at the man's tired face. He had rushed to the dinner right after he landed, probably having sped up his schedule and working overtime.

"Mmm." Lu Tingxiao was busy kissing her and probably did not really hear what she just said. He was focused on her lips

She did not have the time to remove her makeup. Oddly, her regal look seemed like she was a cute little girl in his arms.

Ning Xi felt a little itchy, so she pushed him away. "Right, Lu Tingxiao, I've been wanting to ask you just now. When you picked the number, did Lu Jingli do any tricks to it? Or did you?"

The man looked at her solemnly. "Nope, it's you."

"Huh? What do you mean?" Ning Xi was confused.

"I picked your number."

Ning Xi opened her eyes wide. "What!? No way! Are you for real?"

"It's real."

"So, you guys were planning to do something, but you picked my number instead? It's fate! My dear, we're a fateful match indeed!"


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