Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1269

The next morning, all the entertainment tabloids in the newspapers and magazines as well as the Internet headlines all featured the shocking news from Glory World Entertainment's anniversary celebration!

Su Yimo's public relations team had to work overtime and find ways to stop the flow of information through media, yet their efforts were to no avail. Without Lu Tingxiao backing her up, Su Yimo was just another artiste in the entertainment industry...

Even a more famous artiste's life and death were within the control of the media.

Furthermore, with last night's situation, Lu Tingxiao had made it clear that he had intentionally clarified the rumors. All of them would obviously fight to be on his good side.

Early morning, at the pantry in the Lu Corporation, Ye Ying had arrived a little late today. After she put down her bag, she took her mug to the pantry and immediately heard excited chatter.

"What's with the excitement today?"

When they saw Ye Ying, someone immediately gripped her excitedly and said mysteriously, "Director Ye, you still don't know!? Something major has happened!"

"What? What happened?" Ye Ying asked.

One of the secretaries replied, "Yesterday, at Glory World Entertainment's anniversary celebration, our Boss publicly announced that he already has a girlfriend! In fact, they've been dating for a long time, and their relationship is going steady too!"

"What?" Ye Ying was so shocked that her hand shook and the coffee in her mug sloshed violently. She questioned, "The Boss really went public with Su Yimo?"

When they heard Ye Ying's words, everyone in pantry spurt out in laughter. "What!? The exact opposite! The Boss publicly turned Su Yimo down and said he didn't know her at all. He even said that he wouldn't have such bad taste!"

Ye Ying was even more bewildered now. She was stunned for a long time before reacting, "W-What!? If it's not Su Yimo...then who is it?"

"I don't know, the Boss is keeping it a tight secret. He didn't reveal anything, but we do know that the Boss really pampers her. Last night, we were attacked by huge displays of affection! You can see for yourself!" One of the secretaries passed a newspaper to Ye Ying.

Ye Ying quickly put down her mug and impatiently flipped through it.

All the media did not dare to reveal too much of Lu Tingxiao's news. They did not even attempt to put a single picture, but they did describe last night's events vividlyas if it was a novella. There were many twists and turns like a roller coaster...

"Who are you?", "Should I know you?", "Is my taste that bad?". Just three of these sentences were enough for one to imagine the strong presence that man had last night...


She had been carefully serving Su Yimo all along but the woman had been bragging and swindling about nothing from the start?

When she finished reading it, Ye Ying almost puked blood. At the same time, she was incredibly grateful that Lu Jingli had told her not to rush into signing the contract with Su Yimo.

After she put down the newspaper, Ye Ying walked swiftly back to the office in her high heels and immediately called Ning Xi's manager, Ling Zhizhi.

Earlier in the tabloids, even with Su Yimo stealing the show, Ning Xi still managed to garner most of the reports.

Even though there were no pictures in the report, it had substantially mentioned how Su Yimo tried to rig the lucky draw, yet was rejected by Lu Tingxiao on the spot before he picked Ning Xi for the dance...

This dance was not just a simple dance. It further clarified Lu Tingxiao's attitude towards her.

"Hello, is this Ning Xi's manager, Ms. Ling? Hello, I'm the Creative Director of the Lu Corporation, Ye Ying. Our corporation is going to shoot a commercial soon, and we'd like to invite Ning Xi over for an audition..."

After she successfully communicated the audition details to Ling Zhizhi, Ye Ying felt refreshed and energetic.

At that moment, her phone rang.

It was Zhao Meixin.

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