Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1271

Who would have thought that before Zhao Meixin could finish, Su Yimo flew into a terrible rage?

"Zhao Meixin! What do you mean?! Are you treating me like those women who sell themselves in the entertainment industry?!"

As soon as Su Yimo finished, Liang Biqin instantly looked upset.

What did she mean by "women who sell themselves"? Before this, she had slept with the director and investors many times to maintain her relationship with them. Was she just a woman who sold herself in her eyes while Su Yimo remained pure herself?

Zhao Meixin was upset but she suppressed her emotions and continued, "Yimo, look at you. Hasn't the entertainment industry always been like this? You've been in it for so long. Don't you understand? I've just gotten news that the commercial has gone to Ning Xi. Even the endorsement might be taken away by her. Guo Qisheng's latest production has also booked her to be the female lead. If you still don't open up, you'll soon be stepped on by her, then you'd really be done for!"

Su Yimo bit her lip as her expression darkened. "No, I will not entertain that disgusting old man!"

From Lu Tingxiao to Sun Zhanpeng, that 50-odd-year-old man with a huge belly and perverted appetite...she could not take it!

Liang Biqin could not help but mutter, "Cousin, Lu Tingxiao's already dissociated himself from you publicly. Who else are you remaining your chastity for?"

"You! How dare you!?" Su Yimo slapped her.

Now, even Liang Biqin dared to speak to her like that.

Liang Biqin looked miserable as she held her face in shame. She roared back, "Am I wrong? That's what happened! Why can I do it but you can't!? Do you think you're still that high-up lady boss of the Lu Corporation!? Lu Tingxiao doesn't even fancy you, yet you still pretend to be all virtuous. Do you expect all of us to die with you?"

She had previously been treating her cousin like the queen, being her little minion, but now she did not even dare to leave her house. All of the fantasized glory and wealth were all gone!

"Stop fighting!" Zhao Meixin frowned. "Yimo, Biqin's words don't sound pleasant, but she's just telling the truth. CEO Sun obviously can't compare to Lu Tingxiao, but how many in the circle can get to such a high position at a young age like Lu Tingxiao did?"

Su Yimo felt her body tremble as her eyes were bloodshot. She said coldly, "Who said that I must personally sleep with him to get on Sun Zhanpeng's good side?"

"You're saying..." Zhao Meixin was muttering to herself.

"Didn't we hear that Sun Zhanpeng was interested in Ning Xi too?" Su Yimo said with a sinister tone.

"I heard about that too. At a charity banquet, Sun Zhanpeng had gone up against another tycoon for Ning Xi!" When she said this, she thought about the rich fan that had spent $ 100 million to curry her favor and Zhao Meixin was a little envious.

If Su Yimo had Ning Xi's looks, it was possible to get close to any bigwigs! Even seducing Lu Tingxiao would be very likely.


Liang Biqin was attracted by this idea as well. "Cousin, you're saying...send Ning Xi to Sun Zhanpeng? But Ning Xi is very cunning. I've never heard her have any relationships with any tycoons despite being in the industry for a while now. She's probably waiting on a good offer for solid support. It's not that easy..."

Zhao Meixin shook her head while something flashed in her eyes. "Not necessarily!"

Now that Su Yimo's popularity had hit rock bottom, even if they looked for Sun Zhanpeng now, he might not buy the deal, and might even take them lightly. If they could figure a way to help Sun Zhanpeng get Ning Xi, it would double the effect...

Zhao Meixin's head started to be full of ideas. Coincidentally, there was a great opportunity happening soon! This would determine whether they could make a comeback or not!

In Su Yimo's current situation, she needed to get stable backup as soon as possible.

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