Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1275

When she saw Lu Tingxiao standing at the door in a daze, Ning Xi pulled him in.

"Did you have something to do nearby tonight?" Ning Xi asked.

"Mmm, I had a dinner." The fresh fragrance of the girl's post-shower aroma lingered in his nostrils. Lu Tingxiao had a straight expression that said, "It was for work and not for my wife that I had specially gone for the dinner".

As Lu Tingxiao spoke, he took the towel from Ning Xi's hands and started to help her dry her damp hair.

Ning Xi enjoyed the devil's service like a little kitten.

"Why did you change your room number?"

Above her head, Lu Tingxiao's question came.

Ning Xi smiled coldly. "Because it was too dirty!"

Then, Ning Xi explained succinctly the events of the night to Lu Tingxiao.

Lu Tingxiao's face was as cold as the northern wind. Initially, he was ready to end the issue because that woman had saved Little Treasure once, but now, even if he had promised Ning Xi not to intervene in her problems, there was no way he could not do anything about this!

"Don't be angry! When I left, Liang Biqin was coincidentally on the phone outside the door, so I just pushed her in!" Ning Xi had a cunning expression on her face.

"Sorry, I'm still angry," Lu Tingxiao said with a stiff face, already deciding to do something about this.

At the same time, at the entrance of 801 Presidential Suite, when the reporters heard the news, all of them rushed over. More and more people were surrounding the door with excited expressions.

"Is it really Ning Xi inside?"

"Definitely! The person who leaked the info is someone on the inside!"

"Whoa! This is disillusioning! Bro Xi is my Prince Charming! I can't believe she'd get together with that perverted Sun Zhanpeng!"

"That's why they say we may know someone's exterior but not their true nature! It's best if you don't believe the tricks of actors! Just look at Su Yimo!"


In the corner, when Su Yimo and Zhao Meixin saw that almost all the reporters had arrived, they exchanged a look before making a call to let the waiter open the door for the reporters.

"Where's Biqin gone to?" Su Yimo had been so immersed in her excitement of Ning Xi's misfortune that she just realized that Liang Biqin had disappeared after her first call and had not returned to the room to look for them either.

"Forget about her. She's probably rolled into some investor's room!" Zhao Meixin said nonchalantly, guessing that Liang Biqin had gone to look for her own patron tonight as well.

The waiter had rushed over after receiving the call. Because she had seen Ning Xi in the hall earlier, she kept thinking that something was odd, but she did not care. As long as she followed orders, she would do whatever the ones paying her told her to!

Thus, the waiter pretended to shoo the reporters, but she intentionally opened up the door amidst the chaos.

The instant the door opened, all of the media swarmed in and crazily squashed into the room...

The scene in the room did not disappoint them at all!

The room was filled with a sweet and unctuous scent mixed with a nauseating alcohol stench. There was even the metallic whiff of blood in the air...

When he saw the reporters rush in, Sun Zhanpeng still went crazy on the woman and his face was filled with lust. The woman's face was buried in the blankets and her body had been bitten bloody with signs of bruises. It was a ghastly sight.

All of the reporters' eyes flew wide at this shocking sight, but soon they returned to their senses and then came the flashes and clicking of cameras.

"Save...save me...cousin,save me! Sis Xin, save me...help..." Liang Biqin had regained consciousness now, and she started to call out for help.

At this moment, one reporter started to realize, "This...this doesn't seem like Ning Xi!"

"Huh? Not Ning Xi? Then, who is it?"


Right then, Sun Zhanpeng violently clutched Liang Biqin in a different position, instantly revealing her face before all the media...

All the media were utterly shocked.

"Liang...Liang Biqin! It's not Ning Xi! It's Liang Biqin!"

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