Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1276

When they noticed the situation in the room become increasingly odd and even heard some people indistinctly mention "Liang Biqin", Su Yimo and Zhao Meixin suddenly had a bad feeling in the pits of their stomachs.

What happened? Why did they hear someone say that the person in the room was Liang Biqin?

While the media's attention was focused on what was going in the room, the two quickly closed in to check what had happened. At last, when they were clear about the situation inside, they were frozen with shock!

Why was the person inside not Ning Xi, but Liang Biqin!?

"How could it...how could it be Biqin?!" Su Yimo could not believe her eyes.

Zhao Meixin was going crazy too. "Where's Ning Xi?! Ning Xi, that witch!"

It did not matter how all of this happened but they were done for. This time, they were really done for!

The two could not understand how it could have turned out like this.

When they saw the waiter look around near the end of the corridor, Zhao Meixin immediately rushed angrily towards her and said through gritted teeth, "What happened!? Didn't I ask you to drug Ning Xi!?"

When she saw Zhao Meixin and Su Yimo's mean glare, the waiter said innocently, "I don't know either! I really did! You saw for yourself when I put the drugs in!"

"How did the person in there become Biqin?"

The waiter could only quickly blurt out how she had seen Ning Xi earlier. "I saw Ning Xi and CEO Sun enter the room before leaving but...later when I was in the hall, I think I saw Ning Xi! She stayed at the reception for a while. I didn't know what she was doing either!"

"Why didn't you tell us earlier!?" Zhao Meixin was exasperated. "Quickly find out what Ning Xi was doing there earlier!"

Zhao Meixin felt like this was the key to their problem.

The waiter quickly made a call to the reception, then her expression changed. She nervously replied the both of them, "Ning...Ning Xi didn't stay in the room she booked previously. We don't know why either. She booked another room for herself later on!"

Now, Su Yimo and Zhao Meixin were utterly dumbfounded!

No doubt Ning Xi had seen through their trick although they were not sure how...

When the waiter saw that they looked increasingly upset, she added, "But the reception just told me that after Ning Xi got into her room, a man entered not too long after!"

"What? Are you telling the truth?" Zhao Meixin's eyes lit up again while Su Yimo looked over anxiously.

"Shouldn't be wrong..." The waiter dared not guarantee either.

Zhao Meixin and Su Yimo exchanged a glance. At last, Zhao Meixin said, "No matter what, let's go check out the situation first! This time we'll go over ourselves!"

Su Yimo nodded, then asked, "Where's Ning Xi's room?"

"Right upstairs! Room 906!" The waiter answered.

The two had no time to think. They could not even care about Liang Biqin who had been crying for help as they rushed upstairs...

As they stood before Room 906, Zhao Meixin and Su Yimo took a deep breath.

If there really was a man in Ning Xi's room, there would not be too huge of a loss tonight. The reporters were just downstairs anyway, so getting them upstairs would require one call. Even if that man ran, he would not make it...

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