Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1277

"You're sure the person inside is Ning Xi?" This time, Zhao Meixin asked carefully.

The waiter was quite certain. "I'm sure! You need to register for room reservations. It's definitely Ning Xi! In fact, I also saw her walk to the reception myself. I can't be wrong..."

Outside the door, Su Yimo took a deep breath, then she shot her a look. "Open up."

"Lightly, don't surprise the people inside!" Zhao Meixin reminded. In fact, she had strategically turned on her camera on her phone to record just in case anything happened. It was best to have first-hand evidence.

The waiter found it difficult to reply. "Our room cards are only limited to rooms on theeighth floor and below. We can't open this one!"

Zhao Meixin pinched her temples unhappily, then she said, "Ring the doorbell and say you're room service!"

The waiter nodded, then rang the doorbell under the guise of being room service.

They waited for a while, then the door opened from the inside.

However, in the next second when they saw who it was at the door, Su Yimo and Zhao Meixin, who had been holding their breaths, were instantly aghast.

Zhao Meixin's eyes widened and her expression became distorted. She looked quite ridiculous as she almost bit her tongue to say, "Lu...CEO Lu?!"

There was indeed a man in this room!

But the one opening this door was Lu Tingxiao!

He seemed to have just showered. With the white robe on and his slightly damp hair, the water droplets rolled down from his neck. The entire scene made one pretty thirsty.

In the midst of Su Yimo's shock, infatuation set in. After she reacted to this scene, even her tone turned gentle, "Ting...Lu...Mr. Lu..."

Zhao Meixin shot a mean look at the waiter beside her. This incompetent bugger got it wrong again!

The one staying in this room was not even Ning Xi. It was Lu Tingxiao!

Still, this was considered an unexpected bonus.

For the past few days, she had been trying to get a chance for Su Yimo to apologize properly to Lu Tingxiao in order to salvage the situation, but for people like them to meet Lu Tingxiao was an impossible feat. However, who would have thought that they would have a chance encounter him in such a situation?

Zhao Meixin was quick-witted. She humbly said in ahasty manner, "CEO Lu, we're really sorry to disturb your rest this late at night. We heard that you'd be staying here tonight and had come presumptuously. We hope to apologize for the complications from the issue before! Our Yimo really didn't know about those rumors and we weren't sure how it could have been misunderstood like that! Of course, we're really very sorry to have not noticed it earlier and clarified it, bringing trouble to you and your girlfriend!"

These words rolled out uninterruptedly like a template, and Su Yimo, who had been rendered speechless by Lu Tingxiao's presence, was satisfied with it.

This manager of hers was quite useful in times of need...

At this moment, when the waiter heard that this person was actually the CEO of the Lu Corporation, she froze. Oh...oh my God! She actually met that legendary figure in this lifetime! Indeed...he is so handsome,aaahh!

But how could the reception make such a mistake? Could she have remembered the room number wrongly earlier?

After Zhao Meixin finished, Su Yimo's eyes immediately reddened. With tears welling up in her eyes, she bowed humbly to Lu Tingxiao and choked as she said, "CEO Lu, I would like to apologize to you and your girlfriend about the matter from before! If...if she still can't accept it, I'm willing to explain and apologize to her personally!"

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