Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1280

"Ugh" Seeing Su Yimo and Zhao Meixin appear so suddenly and watch them get dragged away, Ning Xi could not say anything.

"It's okay. They won't tell anything about this to anyone." Lu Tingxiao closed the door.

Ning Xi shrugged. "I'm not worried about that. They are the two people in the world that would never tell anyone about this!"

"Sorry, I promised to not get involved in your work, but not this time." Lu Tingxiao was determined to deal with them.

Ning Xi scratched her head. "But...she saved Little Treasure"

Su Yimo actually did not know that she had saved Little Treasure. She had drunk and crashed into the car that almost hit Little Treasure, but she had still saved him.

Lu Tingxiao looked serious. "She wanted to hurt you."

He meant, "My wife, you're more important. More important than my son, yep."

Ning Xi tiptoed and kissed him. "Okay, I get it! I'll leave this matter to you!"

"Mmm." The man nodded. He was not ashamed to admit that he was helping his wife to remove competitors, speeding up their marriage

Lu Tingxiao glanced at the script Ning Xi was holding, then he changed the topic. "New script?"

"Yep! Want to read it?" Ning Xi asked.

"Nope, things won't go wrong with Guo Qisheng's film. He'll probably design the role just for you."

Ning Xi blinked and asked with a surprised tone, "How do you know?"

"Just a guess." Lu Tingxiao just assumed that his wife was so amazing that Guo Qisheng would do that for her.

"Okay, so you're becoming a psychic!" Ning Xi leaned on Lu Tingxiao as they looked through the script together.

"Mr. Ke Mingyu, who only cares about the beauty, any character that you like?" Ning Xi asked.

Lu Tingxiao scanned through the character list. After a while, he pointed at a name.

Ning Xi looked closer. "Liu Yan?"


Ning Xi's mouth twitched. "That's...a good choice!"

"Thank you for the praise,Ma'am."

Ning Xi then looked at Liu Yan's description. "Liu Yan, the female lead's bodyguard. He doesn't have many scenes. Most of the scenes are with me. Most importantly, the only bed scene in the series isn't with the male lead, but with Liu Yan"

Ning Xi then glanced at the man. "Which is the reason that you picked this character? The former or the latter?"

"Both," Lu Tingxiao said with a straight face.


As Lu Tingxiao and Ning Xi lay on the bed comfortably. Things were becoming chaotic downstairs as more and more reporters arrived.

It was not just because of Liang Biqin. People had also seen Su Yimo and Zhao Meixin beingthrown out in big fabric bags by men in black suits

The news broke out like wildfire within the industry.

The next day, every entertainment news website had nearly the same headlines and almost everyone was talking about it

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