Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1282

When she heard this, Ning Xueluo looked like her heart ached. Clearly, if she was not desperate, she would not have offered such a condition.

Ning Xi laughed when she heard her say "History's shares".

Ning Xueluo scoffed, "You know that History's shares are still very valuable now. Don't worry, you won't suffer a loss."

Initially, she had hoped for Su Yimo to get rid of Ning Xi. However, now that the situation had turned out like this, the issue of the shares could not be delayed further. To avoid worrying about it for too long, she prioritized in obtaining this 10% worth of shares from Ning Xi first.

Ning Xi replied unhurriedly, "Actually, I'm not interested in the Ning family's shares at all."

When she heard this, Ning Xueluo thought things were looking positive and her eyes lit up.

In the next second, she heard Ning Xi continue instead, "I'd rather use it to feed the dogsthan give them to you."

"You..." Ning Xueluo could not take it anymore. She was clearly insulting her by implying that she was inferior to dogs!

There was a darkness in Ning Xueluo's eyes. "Ning Xi, don't forget that I still have something against you! If I expose your scandal from years ago..."

Ning Xi did not seem to care. She held her chin and said, "Well, then we'll see whether my gossip is more shocking, or the fact that you're the fake daughter of a wealthy family!"

Ning Xueluo's expression changed. She almost puked blood.

At last, the two of them parted on bad terms.

The people in the Ning family were quite organized. Ning Xi had just finished meeting up with Ning Xueluo when Ning Yaobang called her.

"Xiao Xi, my good niece! Do you have time to meet up for a meal? Second Uncle will treat you!"

When it came to trash men like Ning Yaobang who deceived his first wife, then cheated to give birth to several bastards while driving his wife insane, Ning Xi was utterly disgusted and did not even have the mood to deal with him, so she just hung up.

When she saw that it was about time, Ning Xi went home and changed into a male outfit before walking towards the Lu Corporation for her advertisement casting.

This time, the Lu Corporation had thrown in lots of money into this short commercial film titled "Seven Days". They also invited seven super-popular male stars, and the shooting locations would be the seven main industries under the Lu Corporation. The ad would feature all of the brands under the Lu Corporation, and its influence was estimated to be huge.

Despite being trained well as a Lu Corporation employee by Lu Tingxiao, when they heard that they would be seven Prince Charmings of different styles coming over for audition today, all of them could not help but be distracted the entire morning. They were there in the building, yet their souls were not.

When Ning Xi arrived, the entire building was filled with shrieks. The man surrounded by female employees had striking blonde hair with huge sunglasses on. He cheekily smirked. It was no other than Jiang Muye!

When she saw the female employees' reaction, she guessed that Lu Tingxiao must have gone out for inspecting and had yet to return to the company.

Someone in the crowd then turned to Ning Xi's direction and shrieked again. Then, all the women surrounding Jiang Muye instantly ditched him to swarm towards Ning Xi.

"Bro Xi! Bro Xi! Bro Xi!"


"Prince Charming, I love you!"


"Slow down. Be careful not to fall!" Ning Xi held a girl who had almost tripped from being pushed.

"Ah, ah, ah!" The only replies she got were their even more excited shrieks.

Jiang Muye was speechless as his hand hung mid-air holding a pen.

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