Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1289

Blind with fury, the two men had really gone at each other's throats and their punches were not light. To pull them apart at this moment was to get punched.

So, no matter if it was Qin Ran, Han Yucheng, or Luo Fan, no one had any intentions to intervene. They all stayed far away instead.

What a joke! Did they know how much insurance they had bought for their bodies? A slight knock or bump would delay their work and time; all of that was money! To randomly run over and get hit in the face? Who would take responsibility then?

However, the instant Mo Yuxiu and Li Lekai's fists were about to smash into each other, Ning Xi used a hand to stop Li Lekai's fist, while the other steadily held Mo Yuxiu's swift fist.

The two had instantly been shaken apart.

When Mo Yuxiu's fist was held by Ning Xi, he recoiled like he had been electrocuted while he looked upset. He suddenly did not have the interest to mess with Li Lekai anymore.

Unfortunately, Li Lekai was not willing to let this go easily. He just pushed Ning Xi's hand away roughly as he looked murderously at Mo Yuxiu while charging at him again.

Ning Xi immediately stopped Li Lekai with his right shoulder and said into his ear, "Whatever it is, the two of you need to meet somewhere privately to resolve it. Why should you trouble a girl?"

Li Lekai looked at Ye Ying who had been anxious to the point of tears and reluctantly forced his fist down.

Ye Ying was actually a masochist. She liked bad boys like Mo Yuxiu, but when Ning Xi swiftly appeared in between the two and when she said those words, Ye Ying's worldview suddenly turned upside down...

She seemed to have...

Fallen in love with someone else...

Even though many female employees in the company had been charmed by Ning Xi, she was not affected. She felt that as suave as she looked in amale outfit in the drama, she was still a girl.

Yet now...this boyfriend force was being maxed out!

Not too far away, Jiang Muye was so done when he saw Ye Ying's starry-eyed expression.

Huh, just a bit of work and she has gained yet another fangirl!

Mo Yuxiu stared at his hand that had been touched by Ning Xi and looked odd.

Li Lekai probably remembered the importance of this commercial and started to calm down. Finally, the conflict between the two was temporarily suppressed...

Ye Ying quickly shifted their attention and led them to the multipurpose room for the audition.

Qin Ran slowly got up and mumbled, "Who would have thought that there'd be such a shocking secret between Mo Yuxiu and Li Lekai?"

When Qin Ran said this, he definitely could not have imagined that Mo Yuxiu and Ning Xi's secret would be the truly shocking one!

When they walked past the employees in a line, the latter would have gone crazy at this once-in-a-lifetime gathering of Prince Charmings from the entertainment industry if their Boss had not been there.

Very quickly, they reached the audition location.

The so-called audition was just to get them to run through the commercial and act out the scene of their characters for the director, who was one of China's top commercial directors. Even they had to be courteous to him.

"Director, everyone's here!" Ye Ying announced.

At this moment, Mai Huaian had also been preparing the props. When he saw the seven people behind Ye Ying, he looked quite thrilled. Clearly, he was looking forward to this shoot.

"Nice to meet you,Director Mai. How's the purple clay teapot I gave you?" Luo Fan walked up and greeted him first.

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