Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1293

She saw that the "king" had arrived.

Ye Ying was so terrified that her knees almost gave way and she nearly knelt down.

Damn it!

Why did CEO Lu and Second Master suddenly come over and coincidentally, witness this scene? She was bound to be labeled inefficient!

Lu Jingli, who had been ignored by his own brother earlier, had followed after a bout of whining. Nevertheless, once he thought about how he could watch the gossip unfold, he immediately became reenergized and stopped being such a baby.

However, who would have thought that the moment they reached, they would witnesssuch ashocking scene!?

Xiao Xi Xi, you have never disappointed me!

When they saw the CEO of the Lu Corporation had actually personally come over, everyone else subconsciously straightened up and greeted him.

Because Mo Yuxiu and Ning Xi were engrossed in fighting, they seemed to have not noticed Lu Tingxiao and Lu Jingli's arrival.

Mai Huaian quickly walked up to smile and greet them sheepishly, "CEO Lu, you're here! Coincidentally, we're holding the auditions!"

Lu Jingli chuckled, "You sure they're not just fighting?"

Mai Huaian forced a laugh. "Second Master, you must be joking! How could they be!? The two of them are auditioning for a very skilled special agent character!" Mai Huaian said as he gestured to them to sit on the sofa.

Ye Ying could only follow the director's lead, "Yeah, that's right, CEO Lu, Second Master!"

Not too far away, Ning Xi had already noticed that her dearest and the busybody had come, but because she could not afford to be distracted at the moment, she continued to deal with Mo Yuxiu and even increased the intensity of her attacks.

Hey you, Mr. Mo! My dearest is here. I don't have the time to play with you!

Everyone noticed that Ning Xi was increasingly vicious in her attacks as well, and they could not help but turn all their attention unto them.

After they sat down, Lu Jingli saw that his brother seemed quite calm about his wife fighting with someone else, so he leaned over to ask, "Bro, are you not gonna help?"

Lu Tingxiao replied expressionlessly, "Why should I help a stranger?"

His words implied that the person who needed help was the man, and not Ning Xi.

Clearly, he was incredibly confident in his wife's strength!

Lu Jingli was speechless. Fine, he could not refute him.

Lu Jingli watched for a moment more and gradually felt that something was off.

"Hey, Bro, why do I feel like the vibe between these two...is odd?" Lu Jingli stroked his chin, then he called Jiang Muye over with a finger and said, "Muye, come here!"

Muye could only grudgingly walk over. "Second Uncle, what's up?"

"Let me ask you, do Xiao Xi Xi and Mo Yuxiu know each other? Is there some kind of vengeance going on between them?" Lu Jingli immediately hit the nail on the head.

Jiang Muye looked in fear at Lu Tingxiao, then cleared his throat and said, "Well, I think you should just ask Ning Xi herself later! I'm not too sure either!"

Lu Jingli put his arms on Jiang Muye's shoulders firmly and said, "But you're obviously very in the know about this!"

Jiang Muye felt troubled. "Uncle, don't make life difficult for me!"

Lu Jingli raised his brows and muttered to himself, "Could he really be Xiao Xi Xi's ex-boyfriend?"

Jiang Muye was stunned. "How do you know?!"

"Whoa! It's true!" Lu Jingli's eyes lit up. "Bro, I'm amazing, aren't I? I actually guessed it right!"

The moment he finished, Lu Jingli felt a chill travel up his spine. His brother's expression had suddenly turned cold.

Lu Jingli immediately stopped bragging. He looked to Jiang Muye again and asked excitedly, "My good nephew, quickly tell me what exactly is the story?"

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