Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1294

"Second Uncle, I really know nothing. It's best if you ask Ning Xi herself!" Jiang Muye dared not to reveal much, lest he might get beaten up by Ning Xi, so he just answered half-heartedly before swiftly escaping.

"Hey, where're you running to?" Lu Jingli called out, his curiosity getting to him.

In the midst of his wondering, he finally remembered his brother and cleared his throat to console, "Ahem, Bro, it's all my fault for making such inauspicious remarks, but it looks like the two of them have become complete enemies. Also, look at Sis-in-law's savagery towards the punk. Mo Yuxiu is definitely not threatening."

"So what if he is?" Lu Tingxiao asked.

Lu Jingli quickly soothed, "Yes, yes, yes! No worries even if he's threatening! Bro, your charm crushes everyone present!"

The moment he finished, the sound of a man wailing was heard, Ning Xi had twisted Mo Yuxiu's arm behind his back, then she stepped on his back, pressing Mo Yuxiu's entire body onto the floor.

The fight had finally ended!

Everyone marveled and almost wanted to clap!

Moments later, Ning Xi lifted her leg and let go of Mo Yuxiu.

If it was not for her self-restraint and fear of hurting Mo Yuxiu, in turn affecting the shoot later, it would not have taken as long to subdue him.

Although they had fought for quite a while, Ning Xi only perspired a little on the forehead, her clothes and everything were still intact.

On the other hand, Mo Yuxiu was sweating profusely. Even his clothes were thoroughly wet and disheveled. There was also an obvious footprint on his back.

When he saw Mo Yuxiu getting tortured, Li Lekai felt quite delighted. Karma would surely get the vile ones!

With this opportunity, Mai Huaian quickly said something to smooth things over, "Very good, how exciting! Yuxiu and Ning Xi are both talented, bringing us a visual feast, but in the end, Ning Xi is still a cut above, so this character is best for Ning Xi."

Mai Huaian glanced at Mo Yuxiu to probe, "Yuxiu, you're alright with that, aren't you?"

Because the fight had been so intense earlier, Mo Yuxiu had yet to regain his breath. He panted hard and did not say a word. His silence could be considered a tacit agreement.

When Mai Huaian saw this act of submission, both he and Ye Ying were visibly relieved following the calamity.

Mo Yuxiu slowly stood up, his gaze fixated on Ning Xi. It was full of struggling, complex emotions. His eyes were not just filled with simple anger and hatred...

All the while, Ning Xi's attention was all focused on her dearest.

"Well, CEO Lu, shall we continue our auditions now?" Mai Huaian asked. He did not think that CEO Lu would personally come over. Clearly, he felt that the commercial was important.

Lu Tingxiao nodded slightly.

Lu Jingli waved to rush them. "Quickly begin! Begin!"

Wait till they were done. He still needed to look for Xiao Xi Xi to nose around her story! He was furious now!

After the short crisis, they finally began the auditions.

Probably because Lu Tingxiao and Lu Jingli were present to observe, everyone really went all out in their performances. At last, it ended smoothly, and everyone's characters were settled as well.

But there was one remaining casting to be done, and that was Ning Xi as the female lead.

"Do I need to change?" Ning Xi asked.

"Oh, right, I've already prepared a room for you!" Mai Huaian said.

"Bro Xi, please follow me!" Ye Ying led Ning Xi into the changing room.

"Okay, sorry for the trouble, Director Ye!" Ning Xi followed Ye Ying.

The remaining of those who had finished their auditions were curious. Apart from Jiang Muye, they had all seen pictures of Ning Xi in a female outfit, but not in real life.

Since Ning Xi entered the changing room, Mo Yuxiu had especially looked very restless as if he was waiting to pass his judgment.

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