Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1297

Jiang Muye and Ye Ying were too slow. Ning Xi and Mo Yuxiu were already gone.

"Damn it!" Jiang Muye cursed.

Ye Ying was worried. "What should we do? We have to find them! Will Ning Xi be alright?"

Jiang Muye looked at her and sighed, "I'm also worried that Ning Xi might accidentally kill him"


At the same time, on an empty rooftop, Mo Yuxiu blocked the only exit, staring at the woman for a long pause before blurting out a name, "Tang Xi"

When Ning Xi had tricked Mo Yuxiu, she had used her fake identity Tang Xi, which made him think that she was a man until he watched "Dream Chaser".

Mo Yuxiu was dumbfounded when he saw the man in the movie. He was even more surprised when he found out that this man was actually a woman!

Ning Xi...Tang Xi

Were they the same person?

Mo Yuxiu had his doubts but he did not make effort to confirm it until the opportunity he had today.

Before he came, he was contemplating if he should, which was the real reason that he had been late.

However, the moment they met, he knew that the person in front of him was Tang Xi!

He spent every ounce of his consciousness to control himself from not assaulting her right away, but his inner rage could not besuppressed, which was why he had looked for trouble with Li Lekai.

Mo Yuxiu closed in on her. "It's been three whole years! I've been looking for you!"

Ning Xi crossed her arms. "Mmm? For what?"

"Ever since then, I could never get it up for any otherwoman again. Why do you think I'm looking for you?!" Mo Yuxiu really wished he could strangle her right now.

Ning Xi was shocked.Mo Yuxiu had erectile dysfunction?

She was really surprised about this

She had just meant to trick him and leave him with some traumatic experience. She did not expect it to be this severe! As expected of her former self!

So, he was not putting on an act when he had been avoiding women in recent years. He had reallylost interest in women.

Ning Xi remained silent for a short while. "So...you want me to be in a gay relationship with you?"

"Shut up!" Mo Yuxiu was triggered. He could not stand to hear the word "gay" now, or anything that rhymed!

He furiously gritted his teeth. "Listen carefully, Tang Xi. You only have one choice:date me!"

Mo Yuxiu seemed a little uncomfortable, then he added, "Well, at least you're a woman now, no?"

One could only wonder what went through his mind when he realized he had feelings for Ning Xi in her female outfit.

He thought he would really get rid of women from his life

Of course, he would never admit it!

Ning Xi shrugged, looking apologetic. "Sorry, I already have a boyfriend!"

Mo Yuxiu was a little taken aback, but he then replied, "Doesn't matter, I don't care."

Damn it. Whilst he had been struggling painfully every day, she had happily found herself a boyfriend!

Ning Xi rolled her eyes at him. "You don't care but I do, alright? Do you think everyone is as promiscuous as you are?"

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