Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1298

Mo Yuxiu squinted his eyes as he concluded, "So, you're rejecting me?"

"Of course!"

Mo Yuxiu laughed coldly. "As far as I know, you shouldn't be in a relationship now. Aren't you afraid that I'll tell everyone about it?!"

Ning Xi smiled wryly. "I think the news of Mo Yuxiu having erectile dysfunction is much more interesting than this."


Mo Yuxiu clenched his teeth and brought his face to hers. "Do you want me to prove if I'm able to get it up or not?"

Actually, he really wanted to try to.

Although he had feelings for Ning Xi in herfemale outfit, he was not 100% sure yet.

Ning Xi squinted her eyes, mimicking his tone, "Do you want me to prove to you that no matter whether you can get it up or not, I'll make sure it'll never get up again?"

Mo Yuxiu stepped back and looked at her cautiously.

Damn it, woman! How could she be so skilled at fighting?

Until he did not suspect her gender at all!

"Get lost! I'm going back to my wife!" Ning Xi pushed Mo Yuxiu away and left.

Mo Yuxiu looked unwell. "Tang Xi! You watch out!"

Bastard, had she really found a boyfriend?!

Who was it?Could it be...Jiang Muye?

It might really be possible

Ning Xi saw Jiang Muye by the corridor when she came out.

Jiang Muye looked behind her in fear. "You didn't kill him, did you?"

Ning Xi glanced at him. "Did I kill you when I beat you up?"

Jiang Muye was annoyed. "Can you please not use me as an example? Thanks!"

Ning Xi waved her hands and continued walking. "Let's go!"

"Right, you haven't told me yet. What business did Mo Yuxiu have with you?" Jiang Muye asked curiously.

Ning Xi replied, "Some sort of warning!"

Jiang Muye looked anxious. "What if he really troubles you? The entertainment industry treats stuff like these very sensitively!"

"Don't worry. I have some tricks up my sleeve!" Ning Xi said.

Jiang Muye did not ask further when he saw Ning Xi's confidence. He just felt that Mo Yuxiu's attitude was not as simple as it seemed.

At Platinum Palace, for the first time ever, the person who wished Ning Xi to be back soonest was not Little Treasure, but Lu Jingli instead.

He paced up and down ever since he got home. "Ah...why is she not back yet?! Why?! Why is Xiao Xi Xi not back yet?! I called just now and they said the casting is already finished! What is she doing? She's not picking up my phone! And not replying my messages either! Little Treasure, do you want to give your mother a call?"

Little Treasure, who was watching television on the sofa, looked up. "Second Uncle, you're really noisy."

"Little Treasure, you're so mean!"

Just like his father!

At this moment, there was a sound from the door. Familiar footsteps came in.

The little bun jumped off the sofa and rushed to the door. "Mommy!"

"Ah! My baby!"

"Mommy, welcome home! I really missed you!"

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