Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1302

Chapter 1302: Playing With My Heart

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"And then" Jiang Muye gulped his drink, then stared at Ning Xi with a similar expression to Mo Yuxiu's. "And then, I really did get her in a day, but"

Lu Jingli's mouth twitched. "Can you spit it out already?"

"On the seventh day, I brought her to meet my friends and to receive my reward. But in the end, the car went to her!"

"What do you mean?" Lu Jingli asked, "Why did it go to Xiao Xi Xi? You gave it to her?"

"Does she need me to? She was colluding with my friends to trick me. She's the real scammer!" Jiang Muye said.

Jiang Muye had really fallen in love with Ning Xi, so he had really been struggling when he brought Ning Xi to meet his friends.

As they reached the place, he was about to give up the reward and continue to be together with Ning Xi, but Ning Xi had toasted with his friends. Only then was he informed that he had been tricked.

Ning Xi did not like him at all at that time. She had betted with his friends that she would be able to get together with him, then abandon him. In return, she would get the car.

Jiang Muye had been in the playing field for over 20 years, and his heart had been crushed by Ning Xi.

After Jiang Muye finished his story, Lu Jingli patted the poor boy's back sympathetically. "Well, just take it as your karma!"

Jiang Muye kept quiet. Was that how one was supposed to comfort another!?

"Compared to the other guy, you're really lucky!" Lu Jingli added.

Jiang Muye admitted it with his silence.

"Just how bad was Mo Yuxiu that you had to be this cruel? He's even got erectile dysfunction now!" Lu Jingli said.

Ning Xi shrugged. "To be able to receive such treatment from me, imagine for yourself! I saw a girl almost kill herself with a baby inside her. She told me about Mo Yuxiu and that triggered me to do something. I was actually planning to go back at that moment and wanted to stop myself from acting out, but he was too much of a piece of trash to ignore"

"Hmm, Xiao Xi Xi, then how are you now?" Lu Jingli was concerned about her psychological state.

Ning Xi held onto Lu Tingxiao's arm. "Now? My focus has been on your brother. I don't have anymore time for other men. If I have extra time, I'd rather be with Little Treasure!"

Lu Jingli stood up. "I got what I want. It's time to go back! Goodnight, my dear brother and sister-in-law!"

Lu Jingli left together with Jiang Muye.

Lu Jingli looked satisfied. He had never really known much about Xiao Xi Xi before, but he did realize that there was something odd about Xiao Xi Xi's past. To his relief, today's events finally cleared his doubts.

Especially when his brother first started to get closer to Xiao Xi Xi, there was once that he had stalked her to a pub and witnessed how she tortured another man

Lu Jingli went home happily!

God, please bless me with a good woman with all the good deeds that I have done!
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