Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1303

Ever since her grandfather had announced his will, the others from the Ning family had been putting in the effort to get her share of 10%.

Because she had something they wanted, they probably would still go soft on her by trying to buy it from her with a high price. If she held on it for too long, they would surely use more extreme methods.

Ning Xi thought it was about time to settle this once and for all.

After the commercial shoot with the Lu Corporation ended, Ning Xi wanted to contact Ning Qiutong. However, before she could, Ning Qiutong called her first.

"Xiao Xi, are you free now?" Ning Qiutong's gentle voice came over from the other side of the phone.

"Aunt, what a coincidence! I was about to contact you! I have something to discuss with you," Ning Xi said.

"Then, come over to my place. I'm at the Royal Jazz Hotel ballroom," Ning Qiu Tong requested.

Ning Xi thought Ning Qiutong was busy, so she agreed, "Okay."

A while later, Ning Xi drove to the Royal Jazz Hotel.

The waiter saw Ning Xi in her sunglasses and face mask, so he said politely, "Hello, do you have an invitation card?"

"I'm looking for someone. Madam Ning Qiutong?" Ning Xi said.

The waiter replied, "Please follow me. Madam Ning is already waiting for you!"

The waiter brought her to the door of a presidential suite and then left her there.

Ning Xi rang the doorbell.

The door soon opened. Ning Qiutong stood there with a champagne dress on her. She quickly invited Ning Xi in, "Xiao Xi, you're here! Come in!"

"Quick, put this on. I'll set your hairstyle for you later." Ning Qiutong showed her a bed full of dresses and accessories.

"This is?" Ning Xi was confused.

Ning Qiutong grabbed her arm, "There'll be many famous people in the country at the cocktail party today. Not just anyone can join. I'll bring you around and introduce you later! It'll definitely help you out!"

Ning Xi coughed, "Aunt, I'm alright"

Ning Qiutong looked troubled. "You little child, don't be shy! If you're not going to fight for it, then it'll be snatched away by others. All of these belong to you! Now that I'm back, I can't just leave you alone!"

Ning Xi knew Ning Qiutong was really treating her kindly and was on her side. Her insides felt warm. "Rest assured, Aunt. It won't fall into someone else's hands."

"No matter what, you have to join the party today. I've already told people I'm bringing my beautiful niece!" Ning Qiutong looked determined as if her reputation would be affected if Ning Xi were to be absent today.

Ning Xi did not reject her anymore. "Thank you, Aunt."

"That's more like it! Give this a try. If it's not suitable, I'll get someone to change it." Ning Qiutong handed her some dresses.

She and her husband were busy with their business and had no children, so she never had any chances to pick clothes out for a child. While she found Ning Xi really independent and was impressed by her determination, Ning Qiutong decided to help her out.

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