Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1305

Ever since Ning Qiutong had returned, many in the circle had given her presence much attention because they wanted to suck up to her and be her business partner.

Naturally, many people recognized her now, but who was that elegant and incredibly gorgeous girl beside her?

They did not recall having met such an elegant socialite before!

Could it be Ning Qiutong's daughter?

That was even more impossible. Ning Qiutong did not have children!

Some of them who had recognized Ning Xi were in disbelief too. Her appearance and the fact that she had attended the banquet by Ning Qiutong's side was simply a huge surprise.

"Is the person who just walked in Ning Yaohua's sister, Ning Qiutong?"

"Yes, that's her, but I don't know who the girl beside her is. They look quite close!"

"Ning Qiutong is childless, so it can't even be her daughter-in-law. Could it be a friend's daughter? That's not quite logical either..."


The crowd started to guess the identity of the girl beside Ning Qiutong, and when Zhuang Lingyu took a look at who it was, she looked extremely upset and instantly stomped angrily to Ning Yaohua. She lowered her voice to say, "Ning Yaohua! What's your sister doing? Why did she bring Ning Xi?"

Ning Xueluo felt her heart lurch in her throat too. Damn it, Ning Qiutong!This busybody old woman!

Ning Yaohua replied awkwardly, "How would I know? She didn't tell me anything! But I think she's just bringing Ning Xi along to join the event. Don't be too sensitive! I've chatted with her once about not interfering in our family matters, so she wouldn't do anything, I think!"

"CEO Ning, finally, we meet! Before this, I've made quite a few appointments with you, but you were busy. It's really hard to meet you!" Not caring who the person beside Ning Qiutong was, someone had already grabbed the opportunity to network.

A cocktail party like this was the best place to have business chats and network.

"I've just returned, so there have been too many things and people to deal with. Indeed, I'm quite busy. Forgive me,CEO Xiong!" Ning Qiutong responded unhurriedly.

"No, no, I'm willing to wait for another month if it's for the beautiful CEO Ning..." CEO Xiong offered friendly small talk, then he turned to the quiet yet elegant girl beside Ning Qiutong to ask, "CEO Ning, I wonder who's the beauty beside you?"

Ning Qiutong looked lovingly and pridefully at Ning Xi before answering, "CEO Xiong, let me introduce you. This is my niece, Ning Xi."

"Ah..." CEO Xiong was stunned when he heard this. "N-niece?" CEO Xiong said as he subconsciously looked at Zhuang Lingyu and Ning Xueluo's direction. He thought to himself, "Isn't Ning Qiutong's niece Ning Xueluo?"

The other niece would be Ning Yaobang's daughter, Ning Tianxin, who was here today as well, but this girl did not look like her. Where had this niece named Ning Xi popped up from?

He knew that Ning Yaobang had two daughters out of wedlock, but there were not members of the circle, so there was no way they have such charisma. Besides, with Ning Qiutong's status, there was no way she would show such high regard to two illegitimate daughters!

CEO Xiong thought it was odd, but it was not polite to ask at that time. "Oh, so it's your niece! I was wondering how she was this charisma! Indeed, it's in the bloodline! Good genes! She really has your demeanor from way back when!"

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