Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1306

CEO Xiong's words were actually trying to probe further.

Still, Ning Qiutong did not deny. "I do agree with you, CEO Xiong. This child is like me."

Zhuang Lingyu was only a few steps away, and when she heard Ning Qiutong speak ambiguously with the topic moving towards a dangerous one, her face was turning black from anger...

If she let her continue on like this, all of the scandals just might be revealed then and there!

Zhuang Lingyu immediately walked over swiftly. "Qiutong, you're here too!"

Ning Qiutong shot her a look, then said with a cold gaze, "Why? Can't I come?"

Zhuang Lingyu suppressed her fury. She did not fight with her and just looked sharply at Ning Xi. "This child, why don't you address me when you see me? Don't know how to address me as your foster mother anymore?"

Before Ning Xi could speak, Ning Qiutong sneered, "I think you should let someone else call you foster mother!"

Ning Qiutong did not give Zhuang Lingyu any face at all. She was like anold hen protecting her chick, steadily shielding Ning Xi behind her. She had brought the person over, sonaturally, she would not let her be wronged.

When he heard Zhuang Lingyu's words, CEO Xiong revealed an understanding expression.

So, that was where this girl came from! It turns out that it was the rumored adopted daughter of the Ning family!

Did they not say that she was not presentable at all? This did not seem to be the case today! She was much more charismatic than the real daughter of the Ning family.

If that was the case, Ning Qiutong's attitude was enough to raise suspicions. Why would she be so nice to an adoptee? In fact, her words to Zhuang Lingyu were quite odd too.

Never mind. Every family had its problems and he did not want to be caught in this mess, so he left after a short chat.

After CEO Xiong left, Zhuang Lingyu quickly said, "Ning Qiutong, don't air your dirty laundry in public! How does it benefit you to cause such a ruckus? Do you want us Nings to be implicated by this girl? The elder's health is not in good shape. If you cause any more trouble, you might want to consider the consequences!"

Ning Qiutong's eyes squinted. "Cousin-in-law, I don't know if cousin has ever told you that the thing I hate most is others threatening me!"

Now that the interest of the Ning family had been confirmed, the change in the heirs would turn the company upside down. Before everything was ready, she did not want to act blindly. She needed to at least be sure that Ning Xi would not be hurt in this storm.

However, this did not mean that she had to accept this woman's threats.

"You..." After Zhuang Lingyu was threatened instead, she looked upset. However, looking at Ning Qiutong's attitude, she seemed to have some concerns, so to avoid infuriating her further and causing a backlash, she left angrily.

It looked like she really needed to find time to settle the shares issue to avoid any more delay or trouble...

"How did you survive these past few years?" Ning Qiutong looked at Ning Xi with a frown.

Ning Xi laughed, "It's alright. Apart from the year that I returned to the Ning family, everything has been quite alright."

Ning Qiutong felt worse hearing this. She took a deep breath and pulled Ning Xi to meet all the influential people in the circle, introducing her to those worth knowing and networking with.

Even if Ning Xi had the title as an adopted daughter, she was someone under her. No one would dare to disrespect her!

The truth was such. Even though many people felt odd that Ning Qiutong was lifting the reputation of the adopted daughter from the Ning family, they had given face to her. Besides, this girl was charismatic and beautiful, plus her current level of fame did not lose to Ning Xueluo's. Naturally, they were happy to honor Ning Qiutong as well.

Ning Xueluo watched from the side as her father's sister, her aunt, helped Ning Xi and felt her face turn pale from anger...

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