Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1310

The crowd of people had incidentally blocked the entrance, so Ning Xi could not find a chance to leave. She could only find a corner to temporarily sit down and wait for him to leave.

Based on her understanding of him, he probably would not stay for long.

However, this time, that guy must have wanted to go against her or something because he did not seem to have any intention of leaving.

"CEO Yun, you're truly young and promising, already succeeding at such a young age. It's truly admirable! I wonder what business were you previously doing abroad?"

To the point that he could accumulate such terrifying amounts of wealth...

Many others were very curious about this too. All of them were suspecting that he might be a member of some long-established, big-time clan abroad.

The white-haired man's long fingers gently grazed his glass of blood-red wine and he said unhurriedly, "Weapons."

There was dead silence after that.

Then, came a wave of dry laughter. "Hahahaha...CEO Yun, you'vegot a pretty good sense of humor!"

"Exactly! CEO Yun, you're too funny!"


"CEO Yun, do you already have a girlfriend?"

Clearly, this question was in the heads of all the CEOs with daughters.

The white-haired man seemed to look off into the distance indistinctly, then he said, "I did, but I've been dumped."

The rest coughed in shock. "CEO Yun, you're joking again! How could any woman dump you?"

"Exactly! That woman must be blind!"


Not too far away, the "blind" Ning Xi was speechless.

"You're truly generous for having returned to the country to invest and support the nation's infrastructural developments. I wonder which industry are you particularly interested in?" Someone asked.

Yun Shen replied, "It depends on my mood."

Everyone was speechless.

Bloody hell! Couldn't they just have a happy conversation!?

Even if they were annoyed, they had to continue the conversation.

Fine, you have money, you have the logic, you make all the decisions...


Ning Xi watched how every question posed to Yun Shen received a cold response,yet the crowd was still determined to continue the awkward conversation. Ning Xi admired their psychological perseverance.

She kept waiting, yet Yun Shen would not leave, and trouble came instead...

She was sitting in a corner and maintaining a low profile when a strong whiff of alcohol closed in on her. A drunk-looking man in his forties had staggered before her with a beer in his hand, muttering, "You're...you're Ning Xi?"

"Any comments, sir?" Ning Xi frowned.

"How...how much?" The man asked.

"What?" Ning Xi squinted.

"I'm asking you! How much for a night?!" That beer mouth released the stench of alcohol as he asked impatiently.

The man was quite loud and he gradually garnered the attention of those who were with Yun Shen.

"Excuse me,sir, you're drunk." Ning Xi did not want to attract any attention, so she tried her best to be patient and chase him off.

"Cut the crap. I'm asking you how much! Hehe, they all say you're really arrogant. I would like to see how hard it can be to sleep with you..." The beer-bellied man started to say worse things.

One of the hotel managers noticed the commotion and he quickly walked over to smooth things over, but that person had probably drunk too much and was foul-mouthed while ignoring them. All those who attended the event were important guests. Thus, the manager dared not to offend anyone. The atmosphere instantly fell into a deadlock...

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