Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1311

The beer-bellied man pointed to the bar filled with glasses of white wine and shouted roughly, "You just want money, don't you? I've got the money! You just have to finish all these wine and I'll invest $ 50 million in your show!"

Because he was causing a huge commotion, everyone was startled, including the one who was being surrounded by an admiring crowd...

Ning Xi was furious. Bloody hell! What sin had she committed to deserve this?

Trouble was bound to come whenever that guy was around.

"Wow! $ 50million!"

"For the female artistes in the entertainment industry, it's actually quite profitable for them to get such an advantage just by drinking and sleeping with people!"

"That girl has Ning Qiutong's support!"

"I think Ning Qiutong has ulterior motives in supporting this girl too... She's just an adopted daughter. Everyone knows what an adopted daughter is best for."


Ning Xueluo watched the commotion happen not too far away and listened to all the discussion around her. She looked pleased as punch.

"Ning Yaohua, you'd better watch your daughter. I already told you to find a way to chase her away, yet you said nothing would happen!" Zhuang Lingyu looked incredibly upset.

Even if she was just an adopted daughter, the situation was embarrassing enough. If people knew the truth about her being her biological daughter, she could not imagine the shame.

Ning Yaohua did not look satisfied. He only looked sternly at Zhuang Lingyu and said, "What are you scolding me for? This is unexpected to me too! How could I have predicted this?"

Ying Fanglin advised, "Aiyo, Uncle, Aunty, don't be angry. Ning Xi works in the entertainment circle after all, and she's pretty. Such things are inevitable!"

Jin Xuanxuan quickly said, "What? Then why doesn't Xueluo meet with such issues? Things don't happen for no reason! It's all because she doesn't have any self-restraint!"

The two echoed one another, causing Zhuang Lingyu and Ning Yaohua to look increasingly unsettled. However, at this moment, none of them wanted to rescue her. They would need to face the onlookers' watchful gazes waiting for them to slip up if they did.

Since Ning Qiutong had brought her, it had nothing to do with them anyway, so they decided to just stay in the clear and save themselves the trouble.

Ning Yaohua and Zhuang Lingyu exchanged glances, both firm about not intervening.

Not too far away, the drunk beer-bellied man did not give up. "Drink! Think it's too little? You're just an actress! Do you really think you're a prestigious, hoity-toity lady?"

Around them, many people looked towards Ning Xi and whispered.

"Do you guys think the girl will drink?"

"There's so much wine. It'll kill her..."

"But this is $ 50 million! Who could resist? I'd drink even if I died! Why would I care about face?"


Since she had already been noticed, Ning Xi was not going to pretend to be noble. She immediately smiled coldly and drawled, "What a coincidence! I quite like to watch people drink too, Mister. If you finish all the wine in this bar, I'll give you $ 10 billion. How about that?"

The moment she finished issuing her challenge, the crowd fell silent, then came the buzzing of chatter.

"Hey! This lil girl is quite daring! $ 10 billion! Where's she getting the $ 10 billion from?!"

"So what if she doesn't have it? Qian Caijun won't drink it all anyway!"

"I'm suddenly impressed by this young lady. She's got quite the guts!"

"Hahaha... I had those who use drunkenness to go crazy and even insult others. Even if you wanted to mess with girls, you don't need to cause such a ruckus in public for a lady, do you?"


Meanwhile, a dazzling radiance flashed across the white-haired man's eyes and he chuckled.

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