Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1316

Ning Yaohua and Zhuang Lingyu were apparently reminded of the same event as well, and they were shocked. They could never have guessed that the person they had been trying to look for would turn out to be Ning Xi's fan!

And it seemed like he would listen to anything Ning Xi said!

Ning Yaohua was really outraged by Ning Xi's reply just now.

This damn brat! If she had just agreed, he could have gotten the billion-dollar investment already!

As far as he knew, none of Yun Shen's investments would be worth less than a billion...

As Ning Yaohua was trying to make amends, Yun Shen had lost interest in him. The man turned around and left.

Before he left, he stopped and stared intensely at Ning Xi. "My dear, don't miss me too much. We'll meet again soon."

Ning Xi remained silent.

When Yun Shen left, Ning Yaohua could not hold it in anymore. Zhuang Lingyu vented her anger together with him.

"Ning Xi, how could you do that!?"

"Why didn't you say you wished he would invest just now? Do you know how much loss that cost the company?"

"Sister, you really went overboard just now."

Ning Xi glanced at the three of them in obvious disgust as she said coldly, "When I was in trouble with Qian Caijun just now, all three of you feigned not to know me at all, and now you're expecting me to ask such a big favor from a stranger. Are you going to use me to pay him back?"

"Xiao Xi, I was about to stop the person just now. Don't be so immature! Why not schedule a time, and ask CEO Yun out for dinner? Then, talk to him again about my projects." Ning Yaohua did not want to infuriate Ning Xi as he knew how Yun Shen doted on her, so he tried to be as kind-sounding as possible.

"So what if we didn't go over earlier?You want us to be embarrassed as well?" Zhuang Lingyu did not bother to disguise the brutality in her tone. She was furious as she thought of what had just happened.

Ning Xueluo was patting her back, trying to cool her down.

Suddenly, a sharp voice came from the back. "How shameful!"

"Aunt" Ning Xi looked over.

Ning Qiutong had heard about everything from the waiter. She patted Ning Xi's head, then glared at the three of them. "It's an embarrassment for Ning Xi to have you two as her parents! You guys ran away the quickest whenever anything happened, and when she has some semblance of value to you, she suddenly becomes your daughter again! I've witnessed a new level of brazenness today!"

"You" Zhuang Lingyu's expression darkened.

"What? I'll tell you what. You've never acknowledged Ning Xi as your daughter, so you have no right to ask her to do anything!"

"Qiutong, be quiet!" Ning Yaohua hissed, looking around carefully.

There was a fire of rage in Ning Qiutong's eyes, but her outlook was as cold as ice. She held Ning Xi's hand and walked towards the crowd.

"She...what is she trying to do!?" Zhuang Lingyu had a strong sense of unease.

Ning Xi frowned and looked at Ning Qiutong. "Aunt"

Ning Qiutong interrupted her, "Xiao Xi, don't say anything. I'm here for you."

Then, she addressed the crowd, "Everyone!"

At that moment, the crowd all looked to her.

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