Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1320

"Father, Qiutong is an outsider anyhow. Do you really think it's alright for her to hold onto such a large amount of shares?!"

Ning Zhiyuan looked at Ning Xueluo's direction. "You know very well who the outsider is here. I don't want to say any harsh words. One is my biological granddaughter, another one I've been taking care of since young. They're both the same to me, but what you guys did to Xiao Xi is really too much!"

Ning Zhiyuan then stared harshly at Ning Xueluo. "Xueluo, our household is in a mess now because of you. If you feel grateful towards us, or if you feel any guilt towards your sister, please convince your parents!"

If Ning Xueluo was as innocent as she looked and did not covet anything, Ning Yaohua and Zhuang Lingyu would not need to act this way.

This girl, he could not just let her be anymore...

Now that Xiao Xi had handed her shares over to Qiutong, and Qiutong was looking after her, it was the best arrangement as of now.

Five years ago, when the elder had realized that his sole granddaughter was not blood-related, he had fallen sick. After they took Ning Xi in, he was ignorant about many things and was too tired to care as well, which led to the situation today.

"Then, what about the Su family? How do I tell the Su family about this!?" Zhuang Lingyu felt really anxious about what was about to ensure. She hated Ning Xi and Ning Qiutong so much! "She caused such a mess tonight. The Sus will surely hear about this,and if they know Xueluo isn't my real child"

Ning Qiutong glanced at Zhuang Lingyu in disdain. "You can't hide it forever. I'm just helping you to face the truth earlier so that she doesn't get chased out after marriage!"

Zhuang Lingyu pointed her finger at her shakily. "You...Ning Qiutong! Are you happy that you're making us miserable?! Can you really be glad that you're taking these shares?"

Ning Qiutong shrugged innocently. "My niece gave it to me. Why not?"

The elder sighed, "I've already told you to tell the truth from the very beginning. The three of you begged me to hide it. Now, you bear the consequences on your own."

"Father, if the marriage with Su family is called off, that will affect the whole of Ning International!" Ning Yaohua was apprehensive. Not only was Xueluo's real identity exposed, his position as the top shareholder would not be secure as well. Even more so, the marriage matter was uncertain at this point.

"Although we're not the best family around, we don't need some marriage to hold our stand. Didn't you all say that the Sus like Xueluo as a person, and it's not related to the Ning family at all? Does her real identity really matter?" Ning Zhiyuan looked exhausted. He did not want to listen to Ning Yaohua anymore, so he signaled to the caretaker to help him up.

Ning Yaohua could not refute his statement, but how could a foster daughter compare to a biological daughter in this matter!?

Ning Yaobang laughed coldly, "You said that it'll affect the whole of Ning International, but it's just a matter of you losing your stand!"

Although Ning Qiutong was not at an advantage this time, he was happy as long as Ning Yaohua suffered.

Ning Xueluo calmed herself down, then she turned to Ning Xi. "Xiao Xi, think carefully. Everything is my fault. It's nothing to do with Father and Mother. They are still your parents and they would never do anything bad to you. Don't be deceived!"

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