Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1321

Zhuang Lingyu dragged Ning Xueluo backward. "Xueluo, there's nothing else to say to her anymore. She'll only be happy after all of us are dead!"

The elder and Ning Yaobang left. Only Ning Qiutong and they remained in the room.

Zhuang Lingyu could not keep it in anymore. "She still hates us for what happened before! Not only did she get herself pregnant and lied to us that it was Su Yan's baby, but in the end, she made Su Yan leave her and he ended up choosing Xueluo!

"We could only send her overseas to avoid her from being an embarrassment to the family! We didn't announce her identity because someone might find out about her past!

"We didn't even tell the elder about this, so we're doing her a great favor! She deserves what happened to her! What rights does she hold to hate us?"

"Lingyu, be quiet!" Ning Yaohua looked uncomfortable.

It was one of the darkest stains in his life

Ning Xueluo joined in, "Mother, please don't talk about it anymore. Even if Bro Su doesn't like Sister anymore, I shouldn't have gotten together with him. It was I who made her suffer all these years"

Ning Qiutong was really shocked.


So many things had happened over the years?

From what Zhuang Lingyu said, Su Yan had been with Ning Xi before? Ning Xi had gotten herself pregnant outside and had lied that it was Su Yan's baby?

After running businesses for so many years, her senses of judging a person had sharpened.

No matter how she looked at it, Ning Xi did not look like someone who would do that.

Ning Qiutong asked, "Are you sure that's the truth, and there's nothing else you're hiding?"

"What else could Ihide?! I took care of her during her pregnancy. She told me that it's Su Yan's baby. After Su Yan returned from abroad, he told me that he had never slept with Ning Xi at all! Do you know how embarrassed I was?" Zhuang Lingyu's expression darkened as she was reminded of the past.

Ning Yaohua chipped in, "Qiutong, I know you think thatLingyu and I are cruel, but a lot of things have happened. Every family has a skeleton in their closet."

"Enough." The girl's icy-cold voice echoed in the quiet room.

Zhuang Lingyu narrowed her eyes at Ning Xi with a disgusted expression. "We've touched a sensitive scar, huh? Now, you feel embarrassed? What have you been doing?"

After a while, Ning Xi looked up with crystal clear eyes. "Do you know what was the stupidest thing I've ever done? It's not giving all my heart to love Su Yan. It's also not treating Ning Xueluo like my real sister and hide nothing from her. The stupidest thing I've done was to cry and try to explain, and beg you all to believe that I didn't do it! I'm really sorry. You can think what you want now. It has nothing to do with me."

Ning Xi then left.

Ning Qiutong quickly followed. When she was at the door, she turned around and looked at Ning Yaohua and Zhuang Lingyu. "You choose to believe two outsiders rather than your own daughter. You really broaden my views every day! Take a proper look at who's around you!"

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