Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1326

This silly child

Ning Xi did not know what to say.

She was afraid that the guy would suffer, but she never thought about herself, or about the fear of facing single motherhood and the pain of going through an abortion.

Then again, she was not the right person to tell her off since Ning Xi had a similar foolish experience before as well.

No one would be able to help her. Ning Tianxin could only struggle through it herself.

Ning Xi was actually relieved that Ning Tianxin decided to abort the child. It would be really difficult if she were to become a single mother.

Although she did not know who the man was, from Ning Tianxin's description, he did not sound like a reliable person.

"You've decided?" Ning Xi asked.

Ning Tianxin took a deep breath and nodded. "Mmm."

Ning Xi opened her arms wide and hugged Ning Tianxin. "Alright, I'll support whatever decision you make. The pregnancy tests aren't always 100% accurate, so the first thing to do tomorrow is to do a checkup at the hospital. I'll accompany you tomorrow!"

"Thank you, Xiao Xi."

"Don't mention it! If you really want to thank me, tell me who that man is. I'm so angry right now, I wish I could beat him up!" Ning Xi started rolling up her sleeves.

Ning Tianxin smiled. "Xiao Xi, stop messing around. That man...he's pretty powerful in Imperial. I didn't want to tell you because I know you'd surely do something. And you don't have to. It was I who loved him for so many years. It was an accident that night after all"

Ning Xi looked disappointed, "Alright, if someday you change your mind and want him beaten up, you must tell me!"

Ning Xi was worried about leaving Ning Tianxin alone, so she stayed there for the night.

At midnight, her phone suddenly rang.

She saw it was Lu Tingxiao's name, Ning Xi quickly got up. "Hello?"

"Where are you?" Lu Tingxiao asked.

"I'm over at my cousin's place! Are you done with work?"

"Just finished. Are you alright?"

Ning Xi was a little taken aback. "Uh...you knew about it"

She did not want to tell him about what had happened because he had been so busy, but he still found out somehow.

"You don't have to worry about me. It's not really a big deal. I transferred my shares over to my aunt and settled the matter once and for all. I'm here with my cousin because...something's happened to her.I might have to stay with her for a while!"

Ning Xi frowned. "Do you also know...about the appearance of him at the party?"

"Mmm," Lu Tingxiao grunted.

"I've been trying to ask..things seem to be hectic for you. Is it because" Ning Xi was worried that that guy would do anything to Lu Tingxiao because of her.

"Open the door," Lu Tingxiao said suddenly.

"Huh?" Ning Xi was confused. "You...you're at my cousin's place?"


Ning Xi carefully walked out of the room and when she saw Ning Tianxin already sound asleep, she then quietly walked downstairs.

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