Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1328

"You too." The man looked at the girl for a while longer before he left.

As he was about to enter the car, Ning Xi called out to him, "Lu Tingxiao"

Lu Tingxiao turned back and looked at her.

Ning Xi gripped her hands into fists, then relaxed it after a while. In the end, she just waved."Be careful on the way back."


Ning Xi remained stationary for a long time after Lu Tingxiao left. Until she felt a numbness pass throughout her body,she went back into the house.

There was something she had to tell him

Even if it was difficult

She had to eliminate it from the deepest, darkest roots even if it meant that she would have to face another hell.

The next morning, before going to the hospital, Ning Xi went home to change.

She put on a jersey and braided her hair. Then, she drew freckles all over her face and wore a pair of large glasses, turning herself into a less attractive version.

After they reached the hospital, Ning Xi made Ning Tianxin sit down and wait, then she went and queued up to register. After that, he then brought her up to the Gynaecology Department.

"Xiao Xi...sorry for troubling you!" Ning Tianxin wiped off sweat from Ning Xi's forehead, feeling bad for Ning Xi.

Ning Xi replied, "Sis Tianxin, you're my cousin, alright? I'm going to get angry next time you say something like this again!"

"But don't you have to work today? And...if someone saw you here" Ning Tianxin was worried.

"Don't worry about it, Sis Tianxin. I have nothing scheduled today. Moreover, my makeup is on point, so no one will be able to recognize me."

As Ning Xi was comforting Ning Tianxin, she saw two familiar people at the entrance of the Orthopedics Department.

Two people that she could not ignore

The guy was Mo Lingtian, and the girl was Guan Ziyao!

Mo Lingtian held a big stack of bills in one hand. The other one was carefully holding Guan Ziyao's hand. It seemed like Guan Ziyao had injured her foot.

Ning Xi realized that Mo Lingtian liked Guan Ziyao from before, but now it seemed like he was going to step up his moves.

Ning Xi did not really care much. It was not a concern of hers anyway as long as Guan Ziyao stopped her moves towards her sweetheart

As Ning Xi was about to talk to Ning Tianxin, she noticed Ning Tianxin looked unwell all of a sudden.

She still looked fine a short while ago, but now she was staring at the opposite door with trembling lips and a pale face.

Ning Xi looked at the direction Ning Tianxin was staring at and realized that she was looking at Mo Lingtian and Guan Ziyao?

What had happened?

Was she mistaken?

As Ning Xi was having doubts, the nurse called their number, swiftly bringing Ning Tianxin over to the examination room.

A series of thorough examinations went by. Ning Xi felt that something was definitely wrong with Ning Tianxin as she was not able to focus during the whole examination process at all.

At last, the tests were done. Ning Tianxin sat down before the doctor, whilst Ning Xi stood by the side. "Doctor, how is it?"

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