Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1332

Chapter 1332: Bring Me Back My Grandchild!

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"I know it sounds unbelievable. I was dumbfounded as well. I almost killed my own grand-niece or nephew. What we have to do now is to call Lingtian back and ask him about it! Have you called him?" Kang Wanru asked.

Kang Shuhui suddenly remembered. "I called him just now but it didn't get through. I'll call again!"

Kang Shuhui quickly dialed the number again and someone picked up.


At the same time, in a high-class restaurant in Imperial, Mo Lingtian pulled Guan Ziyao's plate of steak over and carefully sliced it up for her before returning it to her. "Don't always look so down and lose focus. You even fell off from a horse! You really scared me!"

"I'm sorry," Guan Ziyao apologized with a bitter face.

"You don't worry too much, alright? Tingxiao might be a little harsh with his words, but we've known each other since we were little. Our friendship won't be affected by a woman. He should've cooled down by now. We'll find a chance and ask him out to talk, alright?" Mo Lingtian was trying really hard to comfort this beauty in front of him.

Guan Ziyao's expression softened. "Lingtian, thank you... Thank you for always being by my side"

Mo Lingtian beamed. "Don't mention it, we're friends after all."

As they were talking, Mo Lingtian's phone rang. It was home.

Mo Lingtian did not want to pick it up, but there had been several calls already. He was worried that there might be something urgent, so he picked it up at last. "Hello, Mother? If it's nothing important, can you call back later? I'm busy at the moment!"

"Busy, busy, busy! What are you so busy about?! Come home right this instant!" Mo Lingtian's mother yelled loud enough that Guan Ziyao could hear her.

Mo Lingtian covered his phone. "Ziyao, let me take this call."


Outside the restaurant.

"Mother, I'm busy getting you a daughter-in-law!" Mo Lingtian explained himself.

Not only did his mother not soften her voice, she became even angrier. "Guan Ziyao again! You useless kid! The most important thing now is my grandchild. You come back right now, and bring me back my grandchild!"

"Grandchild? Mother, are you having delusions? You're longing too much for a grandchild!" Mo Lingtian's mouth twitched.

"I'm crazy? The girl went to the hospital and wanted to get an abortion today. If it wasn't for your aunt, my grandchild would've been gone already! If my grandchild is gone, I don't want to live either."

"Wait, wait, Mother! Is there anyone else beside you? Is Father there? I think you're acting abnormally."

Mo Lingtian's father voice came over through the phone. "You bastard, you're the abnormal one! I don't care where you are. Come back right this instant! We have questions for you!"

Mo Lingtian realized that something was not right. He had to go back right away, so he went home after sending Guan Ziyao back.
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