Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1338

Chapter 1338: Is She Crazy?

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"Hi! Second Senior Brother!" Ning Xi greeted, then started drinking.

Before Tang Lang realized, she had already finished three bottles of whiskey and was starting on her fourth.

Tang Lang's eyes widened. "What the heck!? What's happening?"

After finishing her fifth bottle, Ning Xi went right up on the stage took the mic away from the man who was singing.

The heated up crowd started booing. "Hey! What are you doing?"

"Where're the security guards? Get him off the stage!"

"Dude! I've been waiting for Kevin to get on stage!"

Ning Xi kicked the singer named Kevin off the stage. She even kicked the security guards away, then she picked a song called "What Makes You Beautiful".

The club was then filled with the upbeat music.

"Baby, you light up my world like nobody else.

The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed

But when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell.

You don't know, oh-oh;

You don't know you're beautiful.

If only you saw what I can see,

You'll understand why I want you so desperately.

Right now I'm looking at you and I can't believe"

Slowly, the crowd started to cheer for her, then people started screaming.

"Ahhhh! So cool!"

"Who's that guy?"

"I don't know, but why do I feel like he looks like Bro Xi!"

"How could Bro Xi be here?! But damn! He does look like Bro Xi! Oh, my heart!"

"Quickly, get the others here too!"

More and more people gathered in the club until there was no place left to stand. People started to stand on the tables and many people were rushing in from the outside as well.

Tang Lang was almost squashed. "Damn it! Is she crazy?"

Even if she was not afraid of Lu Tingxiao, was she not worried about people recognizing her?

Tang Lang felt things were really odd.

What had happened?

Could she have broken up?!

Otherwise, he really could not think of a reason for her to act this wild tonight.

"Baby, you light up my world like nobody else.

The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed.

But when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell"

No matter how hard Tang Lang tried to give her a sign, Ning Xi did not react at all. His voice was drowned in the shrieks and loud music.

Ning Xi was giving her all on stage as the girls were going crazy for her. Even the guys were raving hard.

Tang Lang had forgotten the last time he had seen Ning Xi like this, but it was pretty common for her to act like this five years ago

The situation was getting out of control. Some reporters were even there. Tang Lang moved through the crowd, then finally got up on stage. He then dragged Ning Xi and ran away through the back exit.

Praise my skill!

Tang Lang spent every ounce of his strength and hauled Ning Xi out. He looked at her angrily. "Damn it! Warn me before you go crazy, alright?"
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