Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1344

The sun soon rose the next morning.

It was going to be an extraordinary day.

Looking through the newspapers, almost all of the news was huge.

"Imperial Chief Police Officer Qian Caidong Arrested Due to Involvement in Bribery", "Qian Corporation Loses Investors, Qian Caijun Might Declare Bankruptcy", "Economic Typhoon Caused by Yi Lan Innovative Investment Group, Mysterious Investor Yun Shen Makes His Way into The Forbes' World Billionaires Ranking".

Apart from the blazing financial and social section headlines, the entertainment news was full of hot topics as well.

"Guo Qisheng's Super Popular Fantasy Series 'Nine Realms' In Preparation, Double Female Protagonists with the Gathering of Top Actors", "Top 1 Socialite in the Entertainment Industry Ning Xueluo Proven To Be A Foster Daughter", "Sudden Appearance of World's Most Wanted Husband Ning Xi in Bar No. 8"...

Thanks to "Dream Chaser", Ning Xi's news was featured quite heavily and was comparable to Ning Xueluo's. Even though Lu Jingli had been trying to suppress it for the whole night, it was still one of the main headlines of the day, but currently, the discussion had taken a great turn

On a morning entertainment news channel, a reporter was interviewing a pretty girl.

"Ms. Li, are you the person who saw Ning Xi assaulting a guy and taking his bike?"

"What are you talking about?! That video is so blurred. How do you know that's my Bro Xi? I'd know because I was so near at that time. That person looks nothing like Bro Xi. Maybe his side profile looks a little similar, but he's nowhere as cool as Bro Xi, alright? He can't even compare to Bro Xi at all"

"Okay, okay, thank you. We understand."

"What do you understand?! Let me finish! A single strand of Bro Xi's hair is much more beautiful than that person! I know Bro Xi is really popular now, but you guys don't have to bring her down like this! Bro Xi is a public figure. Why would she appear alone somewhere like that last night?"

In the end, a public interview turned into a confession from Ning Xi's fan

Similarly, some of the people who were interviewed on the spot said similar things as the girl.

Lu Jingli had arranged some of them, while the others said it on their own accord.

Most of them were Ning Xi's fans. Out of their love and protection towards Ning Xi, all of them denied that the person last night was Ning Xi.

As time passed by, the loyalty of Ning Xi's fans started to build up

By that night, the previous night's incident was concluded to be a misunderstanding.

Glory World Entertainment had been busy for a whole night and Starlight Entertainment was not able to relax as well because of Ning Xueluo's rumor.

For Ning Xueluo, whose image was anchored on her being the "Winner in Life", "Elegant and Precious", if the rumor held true, it would cause a fatal blow on her career.

It was not just Starlight Entertainment; even the Ning family was anxious.

The Ning family arranged a press conference, which Ning Yaohua and Zhuang Lingyu attended together and denied the rumors firmly. They even mentioned that they would seek legal advice if needed.

At the same time, in order to distract everyone, at the end of the press conference, the Nings said that there would be an important announcement soon!

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