Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1348

Most of the people reporting to the studio today was the main cast.

The main cast she knew of consisted the other female lead, Meng Shiyi, while the male lead would be played by Jiang Muye. The tertiary female lead would be taken up by another female artiste under Glory World Entertainment, Li Yiqing.

As Ning Xi reached the dressing room, she heard a loud yell from inside.

"Hey, what's wrong with you? You can't even do something so simple! Do you intend to kill Shiyi? Do you know how soft her skin is!?"

When Ning Xi walked in, she saw Meng Shiyi sitting in front of the mirror like a queen, and her assistant was scolding a girl. Her sharp fingernails almost struck the girl's face.

Ning Xi then realized that girl was Li Yiqing from Glory World Entertainment. Her eyes were welling up and she was almost going to cry, yet she did not make a sound.

Ning Xi immediately held onto the assistant's threatening finger.

"Ah!" The assistant shrieked, yanking back her nearly lost finger as she glared at Ning Xi. "You"

Ning Xi let her go and sat down on a chair nearby. She looked at her coldly. "Hmm?"

When the assistant saw it was Ning Xi, she toned down her temper and went back to Meng Shiyi to hide behind her.

Li Yiqing was surprised when Ning Xi helped her. She quickly went behind Ning Xi.

It was rumoured that Meng Shiyi had someone powerful supporting her. Everyone who offended her before met a terrible fate, which explained why no one dared to get in her way within the industry.

As most people realized, the entertainment industry was one of the quickest waysto launder money. The sudden appearance of Sunset Media sprouted suspicion, and people were afraid of Meng Shiyi as well.

Still, now that Ning Xi was one of the top artistes from Glory World Entertainment, with the protection from the Lu Corporation, even Meng Shiyi had to be careful of her.

"When did our artiste from Glory World Entertainment become your nanny?" Ning Xi demanded coldly.

The assistant mumbled, "I just asked her for a little massage, okay? It's her honor to be able to massage Shiyi!"

"Mmm? What did you say? I can't really hear you?" Ning Xi said slowly and carefully in a cold, eerie tone.

The assistant duckedbehind Meng Shiyi with a pale face, remaining silent.

Meng Shiyi glanced at Ning Xi as she was checking her manicure, then she smiled. "How powerful you are, Ms. Ning!"

Ning Xi smiled back wryly. "Not as much as you, Ms. Meng."

At this moment, the assistant director came in and asked Meng Shiyi to go for the audition, abruptly ending the conflict.

Li Yiqing let out a sigh of relief. She blushed and looked at Ning Xi with gratitude. "S-Sis Xi, thank you"

When Su Yimo was around, they would be considered fortunate if they were not bullied, so when Ning Xi got promoted, everyone was really worried that she would be the next Su Yimo.

She did not expect that Ning Xi was not afraid that she might be penalized. Li Yiqing was really touched when she helped her.

Although Ning Xi was still in a female outfit, she felt that Ning Xi was really cool!

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