Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1354

When they first found out that Su Yan had fallen in love with a girl from the village, they had spent a lot of effort to separate them, and even said a lot of terrible things to her like how she was unworthy of Su Yan and that she had to know her place.

Then, for some reason, Ning Zhiyuan decided to make Ning Yaohua and Zhuang Lingyu retain Ning Xi's identity as their foster daughter. Although she was already part of the Ning family, her identity was not worthy to be associated with the Su family.

After they realized Su Yan was in love with the real daughter of the Ning family, Ning Xueluo, they were overjoyed, thinking that she was the real golden phoenix.

In the end, the roles were all reversed!

Ning Xi was the real daughter, and Ning Xueluo was the wild chicken trying to act as the phoenix. They had been deceived for five years. How else would they feel?

"Uncle, Aunty, I'm sorry...I'm really sorry. I didn't want to hide it from the both of you," sobbed Ning Xueluo as tears started falling down her face.

Su Yan held Ning Xueluo's hands and frowned. "Father, Mother, I've already said that it was I who asked Xueluo to not say it. It has nothing to do with her."

Zhuang Lingyu could not hold it in anymore. "Please think about it. Why didn't we announce Ning Xi's identity after we found out the truth? Why did we treat Xueluo as our princess and ignore our biological daughter?

"It's simply because of the time we spent together. We've already accepted Xueluo as our real daughter. We don't want her to get hurt! Compared to Ning Xi with whom we don't really have any emotional connections!

"I agree that it's our fault for hiding the truth, but Xueluo has been with us since she was born. We've nurtured her well and we didn't treat her any different even after we took Ning Xi back in. In our hearts, Xueluo is our real daughter. We've decided to treat her as our real daughter. It doesn't matter if we tell anyone about it or not."

Zhuang Lingyu then hardened her tone. "You know that Xueluo is a kind-hearted child. She's really outstanding and was even nominated asBest Actress. Furthermore, her clothing brand is doing really well. Who else in the socialite circle is better than her? I dare say that none of them are worthy of Su Yan or of the Su family!"

Su Yan's mother looked at Ning Xueluo sadly and her facial expression softened. "I admit that Xueluo is really good. Otherwise, I wouldn't have liked her so much! But families like us are really particular about matters like this, Madam Ning. I believe that you can understand it all too well."

Su Yan's father nodded. "To be honest, no matter how well your persuasion is, what is a fraud can never be the real thing. She's not your biological daughter after all!"

Su Yan's mother became more straightforward. "That's right. What if you're biased towards your biological daughter in the future?"

One biological daughter, one foster daughter. Was it not obvious enough who was going to inherit the family's assets?

If the Su family took in a wild chicken and ignored the real phoenix, not only would they be made fun of, they would also not be able to get any benefits as well. It would be bad for business!

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