Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1361

Lu Jingli hung up, looking disappointed. He glanced sadly at his brother on the sofa. "Xiao Xi Xi is not coming. She said she needs to look through her script, but she should have time for a meal, shouldn't she? Hmm, maybe I'm too sensitive. Why do I feel like Xiao Xi Xi is intentionally evading me?"

Lu Tingxiao did not say anything. His eyes just dimmed.

Lu Jingli stroked his chin and said, "I still feel like something's odd with Xiao Xi Xi. It was already weird in the morning. I get the feeling that she's very afraid of you, evading you, and feeling guilty the moment she sees you..."

In a certain sense, Lu Jingli had been overly insightful.

The tangled up feelings Ning Xi had towards Lu Tingxiao had been concluded rather accurately by him.

After Lu Jingli had frankly laid this out, Lu Tingxiao looked worse.

When Lu Jingli saw his brother's upset look, he tried to ask, "Bro, are you and Xiao Xi Xi having trouble?"

Lu Tingxiao's answer was a cold look.

Lu Tingxiao immediately cleared his throat. "Okay, I'm wrong. How could the two of you lovebirds be falling out?! Since you aren't having any conflicts, what's up then? Bro, tell me properly! Otherwise, I won't be able to help you analyze! I'm not spewing nonsense. Such things could be an issue! I really think there's something odd about Xiao Xi Xi..."

He stayed silent for a long while before Lu Tingxiao said, "She's been quite unusual lately... Since the day she got drunk at the bar..."

Lu Tingxiao pinched the space between his brows and spoke inarticulately about Ning Xi's condition the past two days, detailing it not just for Lu Jingli, but also for himself.

Ning Xi's condition was indeed worrying him recently.

Lu Jingli stroked his chin. "Hmm, let me summarize this. Xiao Xi Xi first suddenly got drunk at the bar, and even raced with the punks, then fought with them. She seemed in a rather bad mood. From last night onwards, she showed signs of evading you... Most importantly, she suddenly solemnly invited you for a date this weekend, saying that she had something to tell you..."

When he reached this part, Lu Jingli suddenly thought of something and his expression changed drastically as if the world was falling down. He looked at his brother and blurted out, "Jesus! It's over! Bro, Xiao Xi Xi wouldn't be thinking about breaking up with you, would she?"

When he finished, the entire room's temperature instantly plummeted...

Lu Jingli then realized he had been disgraceful with his words. He quickly covered his mouth and looked in terror towards his brother, who had turned into a gloomy state.

Oh my God! It was too frightening!

He had just simply made a guess, yet his brother's expression had turned murderous. It would be worse if Xiao Xi Xi really broke up with him!

However, based on the current situation, all signs pointed towards this unfortunate ending!

Xiao Xi Xi was fed up and wanted to break up, but she felt that his brother had been too good to her, so she felt guilty towards him, which was why she struggled and found it difficult to express it. But relationships cannot be forced, so she still decided that she had to meet his brother this weekend and clarify things...

Within a few short seconds, Lu Jingli's brain had already filled in the gaps and completed the plot.

Oh no! What to do?

Lu Jingli decided to calm his brother first. He quickly cleared his throat and carefully consoled, "Ha...haha...Bro... My brain is so weird. There're too many 8 PM melodramatic soap operas that I've been watching recently. How could Xiao Xi Xi break up with you?!"

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