Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1368

Halfway through, Ning Xi took out her phone and sent Lu Jingli a text message.

[Lu Jingli, I'm going to Chang Chun City to handle some family matters, but I'll surely be back by evening. Please tell your brother that I'll look for him the moment I get back to Imperial.]

At the same time, at Platinum Palace, in Lu Tingxiao's study room, the man had been sitting there for the whole night.

Lu Jingli knocked before carefully entering the room. "Bro...Xiao Xi Xi sent me a message just now. She asked me to tell you that she's going to Chang Chun City to settle some family issue, but she'll surely be back by evening. She also said that she'll...look for you when she's back"

Lu Jingli then suggested, "Bro! Why don't I tell Xiao Xi Xi to change the meeting? Let's not tire her so much!"

What a genius!

Delay it as much as possible!

There was just a long, dead silence in the room. Time seemed to have slowed down

After some time, Lu Tingxiao got up and reached out for his coat and car keys, then he headed out.

Lu Jingli was confused."Bro, you"

Where was he going?

Could he be going to Chang Chun City?

Did he want to die this badly?

Things could still change!

Lu Jingli was about to say something, but when he saw Lu Tingxiao's expression, he was silent and just watched him leave.

He was reminded of how ancient heroes left their homes and martyred themselves for their people

He knew that there might not be any hope, but the person he loved was there. No matter where it was, he had to go.

After a long journey, Ning Xi finally saw the strange yet familiar village coming into sight.

After five years, she had returned to the place she lived in for 18 years. Ning Xi had an odd sense of nostalgia.

This was where she was worry-free for 18 years. It was also the place where all her nightmares began. As time passed, there was only sadness left

"Sis, there's still a long way to go. I'll call for a bull cart!" Tang Nuo was afraid that she might be tired.

Ning Xi replied, "I still know how to walk, alright?"

"Oh" Ning Xi glared at him but Tang Nuo felt joyful.

He was afraid that Ning Xi might act strangely with him, but her familiar attitude made him feel at ease.

As they walked, Ning Xi asked, "Who's the person who borrowed the money?"

"The person's name is Hong Bin. He used to work in Hai Cheng City. He returned to the village not long ago, saying that he worked for several big shots before, but apparently, he was just lying.

"I've told Father many times to avoid getting close to people like him, but after a few dinners, they became on good terms. Father gave him everything he had. Don't even talk about the promised high interest. He did not even pay back a single cent"

Tang Nuo's expression went bitter, but then he said, "But, Sis, don't worry about it. We've already reported him to the police. We'll get the money back for sure!"

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