Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1370

Chapter 1370: Exception

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Before Hong Bin could finish his sentence, a loud slap struck across his face.


There was traces of blood on his mouth.

"Who is it?! Do you want to die?" Hong Bin's underlings looked at the entrance.

There was a cute lady there, dressed in really plain clothes and pigtails. She looked weak, but her expression said otherwise.

"Sis" Tang Nuo then remembered he had brought Ning Xi here. He quickly went over to shield Ning Xi.

When Tang Shan and Sun Lan heard Tang Nuo call out for his sister, they looked over.

"Xiao Nuo, what did you say? Xueluo's here?"


When they saw who it was by the door, they were shocked.

It was not Xueluo

It was

Tang Xi

It was Xiao Xi!

Why was Xiao Xi here?

Did Xiao Nuo not look for Xueluo?

Hong Bin wiped the blood off his face and looked extremely hateful. "You're Tang Shan's daughter? Do you know who I am? How dare you hurt me?!"

His underlings went along. "You witch, do you want to die!?"

"Damn it, Bro Bin, let's just take the both of them away! This girl looks pretty cute as well!"

"That's right! Look at her skin and her face. I don't think anyone looks as attractive as her around here. I didn't know Tang Shan has such a pretty daughter"

Tang Nuo was really incensed listening to them. "I'll kill you if you dare touch my sister!"

Sun Lan did not know why Ning Xi was there. She dragged Tang Nuo back. "Xiao Nuo, don't be reckless!"

"Get them!"

Ning Xi looked at the time on her watch, seeming impatient.

After five minutes, those hulking, angry men were all on the ground.

The jaws of Tang Shan, Sun Lan, and Tang Nuo all dropped.

Ning Xi stepped on Hong Bin's wrist, making him yell loudly. Her expression only turned gentle when she looked at Tang Nuo. She explained herself, "If I don't be harsh with them, they might look for trouble again after I leave."

"Ah... Please forgive me! I won't do it again! I'll never look for trouble with Bro Tang again!" Cold sweat fell from Hong Bin's forehead.

Although it seemed normal, her way of fighting was all calculated. There would not be any obvious injuries on the surface, but it could make a person suffer in pain for a long time. Not even doctors could detect what was wrong with them. She usually would not use skills like that but this time was an exception.

"Just no trouble?" Ning Xi said coldly.

"I'll return the money! Right now!"

"Just the money?"

"And interest! I'll add the interest too!"

In the end, they forked out about $ 700,000 and gave them all to Tang Shan. Only then did Ning Xi let them go.

After Hong Bin's gang left, the house looked a little empty. A total of $ 700,000 in cash was on the table.

Sun Lan helped Tang Shan up from the floor and they both stared at Ning Xi.
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