Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1372

"Mm-hmm, done!" Ning Xi tried her best to make herself sound normal. She asked, "Didn't I tell Lu Jingli to inform you that I'll look for you when I get back? Why did you come? It's so far!"

"So I can see you earlier." It was as if Lu Tingxiao did not notice the girl's odd manner. He walked over and opened the car door for her.

Ning Xi took a deep breath and walked robotically into the car.

Lu Tingxiao started the engine, then the car slowly and bumpily drove out on the narrow village roads...

It was silent inside the car. No one said anything.

Outside the car window, the familiar views and villages flew by akin to the brightness that had departed her life...

The road ahead was already leading onto the highway and leaving the village, becoming increasingly wide. Because the village was rather far, there was not a single car on the road...

Lu Tingxiao's long fingers grasped the steering wheel as he looked at the road ahead calmly. From the shotgun seat, a hand suddenly pulled hard on the steering wheel.


With a piercing screech, the car suddenly swerved from the left to the right and drove into a wide paddy field...

"Ning Xi!"

Because of the girl's dangerous action without any warning, Lu Tingxiao's initially cold expression suddenly changed and he shouted angrily.

In the next second, Lu Tingxiao's car seat was suddenly pushed down as the girl pressed the button. The anger in his eyes instantly disappeared when she abruptly closed in on him and that cool, softness on her lips landed on his...

Ning Xi's body trembled hard as she leaned on him. She kissed him hard in a chaotic mess as if things had reached a dead end...

Lu Tingxiao could not care less at the moment. He cursed softly and his wide hand cupped the back of her head. He returned the kiss even more passionately...

Ning Xi had used her all to kiss the man before her, her cool fingers sliding through his hair, his chest, and his hips...


The seat belts were unbuckled.

Lu Tingxiao gasped. She got on his nerves! In his eyes was suddenly a strong wave of fury. He held the girl's wrist down strongly...

Damn it!

Damned woman!

What did she mean? What was she trying to do?

In the time he had dated Ning Xi, Lu Tingxiao had always paid attention to the Internet so as to keep up with the times. Plus, Lu Jingli had been influencing him in his ear.

In such a situation, three words suddenly flashed in his mind: break-up sex.

Was this what Ning Xi meant? To do it with him one time... Before they broke up?

What was this? Compensation?

When he thought about this, Lu Tingxiao felt disappointment in his heart.

Ning Xi looked down at his hand holding on to her wrist. Because he had been too angry, his veins were bulging...

Since she had been stopped by Lu Tingxiao from continuing, Ning Xi kneeled over him. Moments later, she laughed tauntingly, "Huh, Lu Tingxiao... You really don't need to... I'm not some chaste girl... It's not my first time either..."

When Lu Tingxiao saw Ning Xi's look of self-rejection, while there was heartache, there was also anger. "Ning Xi! Do you think I would care about such things?"

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