Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1373

Ning Xi looked up quietly at the man before her. There was no light in her eyes. "Lu Tingxiao, you don't care... That it's not my first time? Well, then... What if five years ago, when I was just 18, I already wasn't a virgin? What if I had sex with a stranger I didn't even know and had even given birth to a dead child? A bastard?!"

When she reached the end, Ning Xi was hysterical and her body shivered uncontrollably.

As the words she blurted out recklessly played back in his head, Lu Tingxiao was suddenly stunned. There was an odd expression on his face as if he had been redeemed.

Lu Tingxiao was afraid that he would cause anxiety to the girl. He softly and slowly asked, "Ning Xi... The thing you wanted to talk to me about today... Was this?"

Ning Xi clenched her fists like all her energy had been drained as if she was waiting for the final judgment. "Yes."

The moment her words fell like a gavel, the sky spun and when she reacted, the man was now all over her and passionately kissing her earth-shatteringly as if he had received a new lease of life...

The man's lips fell one kiss after another on her with strong, fiery affection. On her forehead, her nose, her cheeks, her lips, her collarbones...

Even though he did not say anything, Ning Xi could feel his emotion from the kisses alone.

Lu Tingxiao's reaction...did not seem to be quite like what she had imagined...

In her daze, her lips were suddenly bitten.

Ning Xi suddenly cried out loud. There were tears in her eyes as she frowned at the person committing the crime with complaint written on her face.

Lu Tingxiao's eyes were filled with raging fury. "I will ask you again. You've called me out today to tell me something. It was just that?"

Ning Xi subconsciously nodded. "Yes..."

The moment he finished, the man kissed her unyieldingly once again.

A long while later, he let her go and asked again, "Don't have anything else to say, do you?"

Ning Xi did not dare to say "yes" again. She looked confused and asked, "What did you think... I was going to say?"

Even though Ning Xi did not answer "yes" this time, Lu Tingxiao's expression suddenly seemed worse for wear and he kissed her more fervently than before. He was totally punishing her.

Amidst the rolling waves of paddy fields in the sealed car, an undetermined amount of time passed before the man's lengthy and heated kisses finally stopped. "Ning Xi, do I seem like the kind of person to go back on my words to you? In your heart, is my affection towards you so easily wavered? I've said even if you have a past I am not a part of, with all those wicked beyond redemption things you've done that may risk universal condemnation, I don't mind! Do you think I was lying to you?"

"The person who's really lying is me!" Ning Xi lost control and shouted.

Lu Tingxiao pulled the girl who was breaking down into his embrace. He said word for word into her ear clearly, "Ning Xi, listen closely. You didn't lie to me. You've already told me right from the start. No, you've warned me! I seduced you, I provoked you. It was I who tore open your wounds that you never wanted to tell anyone, yet I was so mean to you earlier... It's all my fault... Don't be angry at me! I thought... I thought you wanted to break up with me..."

The tears Ning Xi had been holding in up till now were falling hard and silently. Each tear drop bore the trauma that had never left her for the past five years...

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