Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1374

Lu Tingxiao caressed the girl carefully, his eyes full of pain.

Actually, when he first came into contact with Ning Xi, he had always felt that she avoided intimate body contact, and sometimes even showed hatred towards men. He guessed that she must have had some bad experiences before.

So, he never pried into her past. He would never ask if she did not want to share, and was even more careful on relationship matters. He would rather endure it himself rather than trouble her.

The girl was like a little beast being extremely wary of humans after being hurt. She looked outside out of curiosity, then carefully came out and peered around, and soon she braved up and licked his fingers. She leaped onto his legs and rested on them. She dared to make faults in front of him.

She tried again and again until she was sure he was not dangerous, his gentleness making itself apparent.

Until today, she removed all her armor. She took off all her protective gear and opened up the most painful wound, showing him her weakest spot.

As if she was making an offering, she laid them down all in front of him.

Lu Tingxiao hugged the girl tightly.

Aside from feeling touched and pained, there was a darkness within his eyes. It seemed like what Lu Jingli had heard from Ning Xueluo was true.

Ning Xueluo knew about this too, and she was going to use it to blackmail Ning Xi.

However, there was still something odd what Ning Xi just said.

A strange man that he did not even know

Why would she do it with a man she did not know? If she had been forced, why would she keep the child of that man?

"Is it related to Ning Xueluo?" Lu Tingxiao asked with certainty.

Ning Xi thought she would never tell about it since even the best psychiatrist could not make her say it with hypnotism.

Though now, she just spoke of it naturally. "I thought Ning Xueluo was a true friend to be trusted. I never suspected her. Of course, I didn't know she had been with Su Yan behind my back. On Su Yan's birthday, she drugged me and arranged two men"

Lu Tingxiao's arms tensed up. "Don't say it if you don't want to!"

Ning Xi shook her head and she continued, "I believed her, and went to the room where she told me to look for Su Yan. Then, some accident happened. I went into the wrong room. The room wasn't the one where the two men Ning Xueluo arranged were... Until now, I don't even know who that man is"

Ning Xi's body was trembling as she was reminded of what had happened that day.

"Ning Xi"

"Lu Tingxiao, let me finish it! If I don't say it now, I might not have the courage to speak of it ever again!"

Ning Xi raised up her head and continued, "I lost consciousness after I went in. I didn't know what happened. I didn't know Ning Xueluo tricked me. I didn't even know that Su Yan had already betrayed me

"I only found out the next day, Su Yan was beside me on the bed, so naturally, I assumed that I had done it with him, and Su Yan told me that as well"

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