Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1376

Chapter 1376: Rotting Little Cabbages

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"Thank you," said Lu Tingxiao as he kissed the girl.

Ning Xi looked confused. "What are you thanking me for?"

Lu Tingxiao's expression turned dark. "Thank you for telling me this and not breaking up with me. Thank you for not killing me."

Ugh...thank you for not killing him

Ning Xi was stunned. "Um... I've been wanting to ask. Why would you think that I want to break up with you? That idea is so... Stupid"

Ning Xi quickly changed her tone after she realized Lu Tingxiao did not look right. "Uhm...I mean, why would I be so stupid to break up with you?"

Lu Tingxiao pinched the space between his eyebrows. He also felt he was pretty stupid to have been influenced by Lu Jingli so easily.

Until now, Ning Xi finally understood why Lu Tingxiao's attitude was so odd recently. He looked at her like she was some irresponsible jerk, but under that enraged gaze was the fear and anxiety of losing her

He was afraid that she might break up with him?!

Ning Xi tried to remember her recent behavior towards Lu Tingxiao. Not only did she lose control of her emotions, she had avoided him. Then, she suddenly asked him out and told him that she had something to talk to him about

It was pretty easy to be misunderstood after all.

Evening, at Platinum Palace, near the entrance, under the evening breeze, there was a miserable-sounding singing.

"Little cabbages, rotting on the ground, three-year-old, Mommy's gone... Things're still good, staying with Father, just afraid that he'd remarry"

"He remarried. Several years later, there's a brother, much better than I am... He'll eat the noodles, while I drink the soup. I cried as I washed the bowl"

The little bun wiped his eyes and walked slowly towards the door.

"Little bun, my dear little bun" Lu Jingli's eyes were watery as he hugged the little bun.

What if the house went back to the way it was after Xiao Xi Xi left? What if he could not enjoy those delicious meals again? How miserable!

The little bun could not help it. He gently patted his Second Uncle's head, comforting his broken spirit

The sound of an engine came closer and closer. Lu Jingli focused and looked outside. He then saw that familiar car drive slowly towards the entrance.

Lu Jingli was really anxious, then he saw his brother come down from the driver's seat, going to the other side and helping a girl down

Lu Jingli's eyes widened. Had his brother abducted Xiao Xi Xi?

But judging from Xiao Xi Xi's power, it did not seem possible!

The little bun was relieved when he saw his parents were back. He was worried that his Second Uncle might go crazy.

"Bro...what's happening? You guys"

Lu Jingli kept on asking as Lu Tingxiao carefully put Ning Xi down on the bed upstairs.
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