Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1380

"Is it because of this?" Mo Lingtian asked with a shaky voice.

Guan Ziyao frowned. "Lingtian, I believe you're not someone who would mess around. Maybe you've been tricked, but what's happened has happened."

Mo Lingtian then said, "It was really an accident. The child won't be kept... You can accept the same thing for Lu Tingxiao, but why not me?"

Guan Ziyao's expression changed. "Even if this didn't happen, it'd be impossible between us."

She then turned around and left.

Mo Lingtian tried to follow her. "Ziyao, I'm sorry. That's not what I meant"

After just a few steps, two men blocked his path. "Master, Old Master wants you to go back!"

"Get lost! Get out of my way!" Mo Lingtian looked furious.

"Master, please don't make it tough for us."

"I ask you to get lost. Did you hear me!?"

"Sorry, Master!"

They looked at each other and forcefully brought him into the car.

Mo Lingtian was too drunk to get out of their grasp. He could onlywatch Guan Ziyao disappear into the darkness

It was midnight, yet the Mo family was still up.

After Mo Lingtian got back, he saw his parents were in the living room. Not only that, there was a girl opposite Mo Jianzhang and Kang Shuhui. It was Ning Tianxin

"Look at you now!" Mo Jianzhang was angered when he saw Mo Lingtian was drunk.

Mo Lingtian stared at Ning Tianxinas if she was a ghost haunting him. "Why are you here?"

His fearful and suspicious expression made Ning Tianxin's face turn pale.

She had already called Mo Lingtian countless times and sent him a lot of messages, but he did not pick up or reply to any of them.

With the sudden visit of Mr. and Mrs. Mo, they asked her to keep the child, putting her in an awkward position and she really had no say, so she just followed them back and wanted to have a discussion with Mo Lingtian.

Who would have thought...?

Mo Jianzhang was enraged. "What's with your attitude? Your mother and I invited Miss Ning over!"

Kang Shuhui said gently, "We asked Tianxin to be here to discuss what's going to happen next. Lingtian, running away won't solve the problem!"

Mo Lingtian laughed. "Solve... Solve what issue? Your solution is to for me to marry her, isn't it?"

"Is there anything wrong with that? Shouldn't you be responsible for what you did? How are you even my child?" Mo Jianzhang yelled at him.

"Lingtian, the child in Tianxin's stomach is yours. Are you really this cruel?" Kang Shuhui looked miserable.

Mo Lingtian was triggered. "To the both of you, I'm just a tool to continue our family's bloodline! Have you ever thought about how I feel? Have you ever thought about who I really love?"

"Bastard!" Mo Jianzhang smashed the table, almost passing out from anger. "You've been messing around for so many years because of that woman. You did so many ridiculous things! Have I ever forced you to marry anyone else?

"Your feelings! Your romance! Have you thought about the opportunities this girl will miss because of you? Saying irresponsible things like this! Are you really a man?"

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