Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1381

"Huh, a man... When Ziyao told me that wewere impossible, I've already ceased to be a person anymore." Mo Lingtian laughed like a maniac, then he looked at the three of them coldly. "You want me to marry her? Sure! I'll do what you say... I'll marry whoever you want me to... Anyone who's not Ziyao. It doesn't make any difference"

Mo Lingtian then suddenly went unconscious and fell to the floor.

Kang Shuhui was shocked. "Ah! Lingtian!"

It was chaos until the servants helped Mo Lingtian into his bedroom.

A while later, in the living room, Kang Shuhui looked at the quiet Ning Tianxin apologetically. "Tianxin! I'm really sorry, it must be tough for you! That child drank too much. Don't take his words personally!"

Mo Jianzhang's expression darkened. "Tianxin, don't worry. I'll make this marriage happen! Make some preparations at home. I'll bring that kid over to your place tomorrow!"

Ning Tianxin was touched when she saw the concerned expression of these two elders. "Thank you, Mr. Mo, Mrs. Mo."

Kang Shuhui patted her shoulder. "Good girl! I know you like Lingtian. Don't worry, he's just confused for now. After you get married and give birth to your child, I'm sure he'll understand what's the best for him!"

Tears started falling from Ning Tianxin's eyes. She suppressed her emotions and nodded. "Mmm."

Kang Shuhui and Mo Jianzhang were relieved as Ning Tianxin calmed down and did not mention anything about getting an abortion again.

"Tianxin, it's really late already. Why don't you stay over for the night?" Kang Shuhui offered.

"Thank you, Mrs. Mo, but I think I'll still go back. I have to arrange things with my family."

Kang Shuhui nodded. "Right! Then, I'll have our chauffeur send you back!"

"Can I have a look at Lingtian before leaving?" Ning Tianxin asked.

"Of course, you silly! Go now!"

Upstairs, in Mo Lingtian's bedroom, she opened the door and went in. Ning Tianxin sat by his bed, looking at the man's face quietly.

Although he was asleep, he looked pained. He was still mumbling about the one he loved

Suddenly, Mo Lingtian opened his eyes. When he saw who was there, he said sarcastically, "Ning Tianxin, I'll marry you... You happy now?"

Ning Tianxin closed her eyes. She took a deep breath and smiled. "I'm happy... At least, I've heard that you're going to marry me"

It was really distressing for her.

Mo Lingtian then fell asleep again. He mumbled, "Ziyao... Ziyao, don't leave... What should I do? I'm not worthy of you anymore... I can't love you anymore"

"Goodnight." Ning Tianxin kissed the man's forehead, then left.

That goodnight gesture was packed with magic. Mo Lingtian's agonized expression faded and he fell into a deep sleep

Mo Jianzhang had his servant send Ning Tianxin back to Ning Yaobang's place, but after they arrived, Ning Tianxin did not go in. She called a taxi and went elsewhere.

In the car, Ning Tianxin took out a piece of flyer promoting a clinic for abortions.

She could not do it at big hospitals since the Mo family had told them not to take her in. This was her only choice left

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